Birthday boy

Birthday boy

Guess who turns TWO this week??!!  I can’t believe he’s only been a part of my life for two short years so far – feels more like we’ve been a family for eternity (and I’m pretty sure that’s true!).  I couldn’t be a luckier mom.  And isn’t this the cutest picture ever taken of Rush?  He now says “cheese” for the camera.  Happy birthday, little buddy! xoxo

We actually have one other birthday boy in February – I’ll get to Jake’s post soon.  I’ve got quite a bit of catching up to do!  February has been a busy but good month.  Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, out-of-town visitors, funeral, designing wedding invitations, home improvement projects…  Like I said, busy.  And for someone who doesn’t like cake all that much, I’ve made 3 birthday cakes so far this month and I’ll do one more for this weekend!  Anyone have a super awesome non-super-complicated cake recipe that they want to share?  I’m thinking lemon…

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  1. Happy Birthday Rush!!! So cute! I love that picture….it is perfect! I love his shirt too! No ideas on cakes. I think I’ve always used a box! Hope he has a fun party, wish we could be a part of it!

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