Midway to insanity

Midway to insanity

So today marks 20 weeks for my pregnancy. This baby is half baked, and on Tuesday we’ll [hopefully] find out if it’s a girl or a boy! And we’ll also [hopefully] be reassured that it’s healthy and normal. Prayers for that, ok? Thanks.

Today I’m feeling VERY pregnant. Like, all I want to do is lay down flat because there’s just too much in my midsection to even sit up. So. very. uncomfortable. And last night the heartburn started. 20 more weeks of this… I CAN DO IT! (I’m definitely trying to convince myself more than I am you, dear reader.) I must say, however, I was very lucky to have a fairly uneventful pregnancy with Rushton – no vomiting, my Unisom kept the morning sickness in check very well, no pre-term labor or any of the other nightmares that so many women have been unlucky enough to go through. So I am definitely counting my lucky stars for that. But that doesn’t change the fact that I still feel very pregnant. And I’d say the second half is the longer half – everyone already knows you’re having a baby and there aren’t many changes besides getting bigger and even more uncomfortable. But again, I am very grateful to be pregnant and healthy. That’s nothing short of a miracle.

And as a side note – Rush is doing pretty well in his big bed. It’s been an entire week now and we’ve both survived it. Woohoo!

And since I have no picture to post today, I’ll leave you with a link to a VERY cool print design site that I just discovered today: Hello Lucky Letterpress is so rad.

Happy MLKJr Day tomorrow!

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  1. 20 weeks already?! wow, when it isn’t your pregnancy, it sure flies by. 🙂 sorry about your heartburn – ugh, it is awful! you’ve got to let us all know when you find out what you’re having. can’t wait!

  2. Let us know what you’re having! I’m so excited! I keep thinking about it. My guess is going to be a boy. I said a girl at first, but I have now decided it should be a boy. Rush needs a brother! You will survive! Take care.

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