We got a puppy.  I’m at a loss for words, just as you are.  Never in a million gazillion years did I EVER think that Melissa Bain Spurlock would ever have to own a real live pet, let alone a dog.  The things we do for our jobs… (or more accurately, for our SPOUSE’S job).  It still doesn’t feel real, I don’t totally believe it.  However there are several little BIG reminders that shock me back to reality, such as: the DOG IN OUR KITCHEN, the barricade we’ve made between the kitchen and the carpeted living room that I am constantly tripping over, the fact that I can’t eat in the kitchen anymore because just KNOWING an animal is there makes me a little sick to my stomach, the frantic banging of a Gatorade bottle being chased around the kitchen floor all day, and the smell of dog food in the garage.

But I guess she’s not ALL bad…  Jake’s really good with doing ALL the work in taking care of her, so I don’t really do anything (that’s our agreement and the ONLY way it can work).  And he’s really cute with her – I think he’ll be a great dad once we have kids.  And just look at that cute little face!  Plus, she’s pretty well behaved, as far as puppies go.  So I’m no “dog lover” by any means, but I’m also not dead yet.  That’s what I call PROGRESS.

Millie’s stats:  Australian shepard.  Born May 6, 2008.  About 9 lbs.  If she gets too big, I’m giving her away.

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  1. Dear Spurlock Family!!!

    She is so cute!@!@!@ You are so lucky to have your first addition to the family!!!

    Congratulations to you both and to G&G Bain they now have 4 grandbabies!@!@!@

    I hope you will fall in love with Millie and you won’t worry about her growing up. Good thing we didn’t worry about you getting grown up!!!

    Love to you three,
    Sister Petersen :>)

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