President’s Day

President’s Day

Yet another post stolen from my sister’s blog…  Maybe I should pay her?  Thanks, Cec.  (Sorry to those who read both of our blogs.  But this is as good as it gets these days!)

We spent President’s Day (and last weekend) at my parent’s house lifting the Jeep so that some big boys can go 4wheeling. My dad suggested this project when we were doing the roof this summer and Jake and Scott jumped at the opportunity. The lift kits finally arrived and it was time to work.

The morning started with a lot of head scratching and wondering how to get rusted bolts off.

Then there was a lot of group work that was necessary.
Finally things really started to move when Rushton came out to help…
OK, so maybe Rushton wasn’t too interested in helping.
He had a great time sitting in a laundry basket with Hailey while Grandma worked!
Break Time!
Dad, Jake, and Scott
Since Rushton’s birthday was in the next few days we had a little party for him at dinner.
He was pretty excited to open gifts and less excited to play with them right away.
Since February is a hard word to say he says his birthday is on
“Two Twenty-two!”
And contrary to what you have been assuming, I did not help with lifting the Jeep. I did some babysitting, dish washing, food preparing, napping, photo documenting, and other important activities.
(Now it’s Melissa again – I did mostly the same as my sister did above, just less photo documenting.  Hence the stolen blog post.)

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  1. That’s what I need to do .. steal someone elses blog posts and put them on my blog! That seems WAY easier than coming up with stuff on my own! I LOVE IT.

    Also .. the picture of Rush and Hailey in the buckets .. I really thought they were both Rush. =o) They look SO much alike to me. Love it. You make the cutest kids ever. Miss you.

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