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Things that I miss about Melissa being gone…


Who doesn’t like lists…

1. When I get out of the shower, and I forget to bring a towel, she is there for me.
2. Dishes. Being. Done.
3. Reasonable bedtime. See here.
4. The smell of her hair, even after a long day…
5. Sharing drinks.

The list could go on, but I am tired, and looking for #3 pretty sternly. Two more sleeps.

Things to do while Melissa is gone this weekend…


Diet Cherry Coke

Originally uploaded by Jake Spurlock

1. Drink all of her Diet Cherry Coke
2. Clean the house, maybe.
3. Go see Indy.
4. Go see Speed Racer.
5. Get a cat.
6. Buy things for myself that she might want to get for me for Fathers Day.
7. Play Carcassonne by myself. (I would prefer people to play it with, just don’t know who would want to do that…)

That about sums it up. Any other suggestions?

Did you find it ok?


This is the place

Originally uploaded by Jake Spurlock

Because this is the place.

I was reminded of Jackie’s posts about not getting snow days from this last winter. Being bummed that everyone had one, but her. I think this weekend was very similar. We have an awesome three day weekend, and the proverbial fountains of heaven open allowing cubic yards of water to drop. Especially frustrating was the invitation from Dad to go Jet Skiing at Utah lake. Not the port in Provo, but the one right down the street from our house. So what wakes me in the middle of night? The pouring gentle fall of the rain coming down on our roof…

Help For Serenity


From Jeff Barr, because I didn’t think that I could write it any better.

In a series of Twitter messages last week, my friend Phil Burns shared with the world the fact that his 2-year-old daughter Serenity had taken ill and was subsequently diagnosed with Leukemia. In the course of a couple of days their life went from normal, to “what’s wrong with Serenity?” to “rush her to the ER” to “she could die” to “she’s going to make it but she needs two years of chemotherapy.” She has entered treatment, and it looks like she’s headed in the right direction.

Phil and his wife Adria are going to have their hands full. They have 8 kids, Phil’s in the middle of putting a startup together, and this is going to be a huge drain on their time and on their finances.

As a first step at helping Phil’s family handle what I can only guess will be a $100K+ bill for treatment, Phil’s one-time business partner Jesse Stay has started to collect some funds using a ChipIn widget, a copy of which I have posted at the top right hand corner of this blog. The goal is $500. I am feeling generous this morning and will happily augment the final amount by another 15%.

This is just a drop in the bucket, and there’s going to be room to do a lot more. If you can help, just click on the widget. I’m sure they’d appreciate your positive thoughts and prayers as well.

Some might wonder how and why Phil and Adria have the time and the inclination to Twitter and to blog at a time like this. I am guessing that this is actually the easiest and most efficient way for them to keep their virtual community of family, friends, and well-wishers in the loop. Instead of fielding endless phone calls and email messages they can simply direct people to follow along on the blog.

I have added a little to the pool, and would encourage you, if you are able, to do the same.

Help Here

Party like it’s yo berfday


(Long post warning!! Sorry, I’m still getting the hang of this blogging thing…)

Yesterday I turned 26 – not quite old enough to be embarrassed about my age, but my mother and I decided no matter how old you get, it will ALWAYS be better to tell someone your age than your weight. Good advice, Mom.  So in light of that, today’s post is a random collection of birthday memories.  And if this post gets a little long, it’s ok because it’s my birthday, so there.

My mom always let us chose what to have for our birthday dinner, so in my teens, I think I usually picked BBQ chicken, shrimp/dill/cucumber pasta salad, and baked beans.  And before I was mature enough to like shrimp and cucumbers, I would request baked beans and hot dogs.  My mother makes the BEST baked beans – I think I like them because they taste like BBQ sauce.  And those who know me knows that I like anything that is a means of getting more BBQ sauce into my belly.  Mmm mmm good.

Growing up, we had somewhat of an “adopted grandpa” named Howard Evans and he came to our house for dinner almost every Sunday.  Each year on our birthday, he gave us a mini box of See’s Candy (except for that birthday when Eric got a nose hair trimmer…) and he would always end the birthday song singing “without a shirrrrrrrt”.  I guess very old men can get away with stuff like that…

One of my sisters (to remain unnamed, Laura) used to talk about her birthday SO much all throughout the year (suggesting presents, party plans, etc.) that we had to instate a 10-day rule – she could ONLY mention her birthday 10 days before and 10 days after the actual day. This rule was only applicable to her and it is still in effect today.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m terrible with birthdays – I’ll usually call, but I am not grown up enough to actually get a card written and in the mail. And speaking of birthday cards, I’ve been mostly miss and seldom hit with my sister Cecilie – one year I spelled her name wrong in the card, and another year I made this awesome homemade card for her but with the wrong age on it. She is still in therapy about it.

I share my birthday with my brother’s wedding anniversary, Jackie (a FAVORITE roommate) & Doug’s half wedding anniversary, and my most UN-favorite roommate of all time (IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: this is NOT Jackie!!!  Sorry for the confusion, Jack!).  And it’s two days after my Dad’s birthday. (He turned 60 last Friday! Go Dad!)

My FAVORITE birthday before this one was 22.  As far as birthday bashes go, my birthday was usually somewhat anticlimactic as it was after I got home from BYU but before my other college friends came home for the summer.  But this was my first summer staying in Provo and I was determined to have an awesome summer, so I threw myself a huge birthday BBQ.  I had just moved to a new apartment, so I invited a bunch of my old friends and everyone at the new place – it was SO MUCH FUN!!  And Jake and I had met at that point but we weren’t dating, so he came “just for the food” (his words).  So that makes yesterday the FIFTH birthday of mine that I’ve spent with Jake!  Everyone, I HIGHLY recommend throwing your own birthday party every once in awhile.

And last but certainly not least, this birthday has been superfantastic.  Saturday, Jake and I had an official Birthday Day O’ Fun in Salt Lake City.  We took pics of the flowers at Temple Square, ate Mexican mole at the Red Iguana, went for a drive up Emigration Canyon, had Tongan watermelon/coconut/pineapple juice and a Basque steak sandwich at a street festival downtown, visited Jake’s grandma and aunt, and just enjoyed the warm spring weather that FINALLY decided to show up. It was so much fun to hang out with Jake all day, and he was such a champ catering to my every whim AND letting me hog the camera the entire time. Even before the surprise party on Sunday (see next post), I’d say 26 was a huge success!

Here’s one of my favorite pics from Saturday – I’ll post more later.

BEST HUSBAND (and birthday) EVER


Sorry girls, he’s taken.  I always knew it, but especially after this weekend, Jake Spurlock is officially the best husband ever.  EWW GROSS, I know, but seriously!  First, he was so patient and sweet in letting me hog the camera the ENTIRE DAY Saturday on our marathon birthday outing and he did everything he could think of to make the day perfect.  And just when I thought the festivities were over and we’d spend a quiet Sunday home alone, Jake planned a surprise party with a bunch of my friends and family – complete with mint chocolate chip ice cream cake, brownies (thanks Laura) seven layer dip (thanks Allers), Scotchies (thanks Meegs), and more.  Thanks to everyone who came!!  It was a blast, and I was TOTALLY surprised as people kept trickling in from Logan down to Provo.  I have the best most awesomest friends and family – I love you all!  Thank you everyone, especially Jake, for making this the best birthday EVER.

And P.S. Extra props to Jake for KEEPING THE SURPRISE A SECRETn  No one loves a surprise more than Jake, but usually the anticipation kills him before it’s time to let the proverbial cat out of the bag.   Excellent work, babe!

P.P.S. And thanks to everyone else who wasn’t able to come to the par-tay but sent birthday wishes via phone/email/mail!  Seriously, best birthday EVER.

P.P.P.S. Melissa’s 26th Birthday Bash List of Attendees (because you feel cool when you see your name on someone else’s blog):  Laura Bain, Lisa Nick Danen & Ian Macgoffin, Megan Stanger, Sarah Dave & PG Aller, Jackie & Doug Shafer, Ryan Kim & Nora Winterton, Heather & Josh Ragsdale, Scott & Katie (soon-to-be) Hanks, Ashley Spurlock & Whitney Ward.

Spring has sprung – FINALLY


Well folks, I’ve been back and forth about starting a blog for quite a while now, but I think I’m ready, so here goes!  Please be easy on me – it will probably take me awhile to get into the groove of what’s interesting by blog standards and what’s not.  Being married to Mr. Technology (a.k.a. Jake), it’s a wonder I’ve held out for so long, but I guess we can call this my Mother’s Day present to HIM.  And I finally feel like I have something blog-worthy to blog about: my incredible out-of-this-world tulips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t usually use exclamation points with such candor, but trust me.  These babies DESERVE it.   Yes, despite the fact that I can’t keep an INDOOR plant alive to save my LIFE, my yard this year was a major success.  This post is a bit of a brag fest, so if you’re not up to it, I won’t judge you if you stop reading now and just wait for my next post…

I planted 120 tulip bulbs in various bunches all over our yard – two different varieties, but both pink – and they have ALL bloomed!  I was so shocked they actually grew, considering that I planted them in our clay/rock/mud flower beds in December.  And without further adieu, I present to you my tulips:

Pretty, eh?  Below is a view of almost our whole side yard.  You can see bunches of pink scattered tulips as well as the white blossoms covering our flowering pear tree on the left.

With winter holding on for dear life all the way through early May (I was NOT ONE BIT HAPPY about that), it was looking like we wouldn’t see any blooms, but our two Japanese flowering cherry trees have just barely started flowering.  And the blossoms are so cute!  See for yourself:

Here’s a close-up of the flowering pear tree blossoms.

And one more – our forgotten lilac bush made it through the winter and my neglect.  You’ve got the heart of a champion, lil’ buddy!  Lilac smells sooooooooo good…

And just for good measure, here’s one more of the tulips.

I think if I see these tulip bulbs at Costco again, I’ll get one bag of yellow and one of orange.  And  might try some hyacinth and daffodils for earlier blooming.  We’ll see.  Bulbs are a pain in the rear to plant because you’re digging huge holes in your yard in the COLD, but it’s soooooo worth it come spring!  So watch out Thanksgiving Point, next year’s Tulip Festival is at MY house.  Take that.