BEST HUSBAND (and birthday) EVER


Sorry girls, he’s taken.  I always knew it, but especially after this weekend, Jake Spurlock is officially the best husband ever.  EWW GROSS, I know, but seriously!  First, he was so patient and sweet in letting me hog the camera the ENTIRE DAY Saturday on our marathon birthday outing and he did everything he could think of to make the day perfect.  And just when I thought the festivities were over and we’d spend a quiet Sunday home alone, Jake planned a surprise party with a bunch of my friends and family – complete with mint chocolate chip ice cream cake, brownies (thanks Laura) seven layer dip (thanks Allers), Scotchies (thanks Meegs), and more.  Thanks to everyone who came!!  It was a blast, and I was TOTALLY surprised as people kept trickling in from Logan down to Provo.  I have the best most awesomest friends and family – I love you all!  Thank you everyone, especially Jake, for making this the best birthday EVER.

And P.S. Extra props to Jake for KEEPING THE SURPRISE A SECRETn  No one loves a surprise more than Jake, but usually the anticipation kills him before it’s time to let the proverbial cat out of the bag.   Excellent work, babe!

P.P.S. And thanks to everyone else who wasn’t able to come to the par-tay but sent birthday wishes via phone/email/mail!  Seriously, best birthday EVER.

P.P.P.S. Melissa’s 26th Birthday Bash List of Attendees (because you feel cool when you see your name on someone else’s blog):  Laura Bain, Lisa Nick Danen & Ian Macgoffin, Megan Stanger, Sarah Dave & PG Aller, Jackie & Doug Shafer, Ryan Kim & Nora Winterton, Heather & Josh Ragsdale, Scott & Katie (soon-to-be) Hanks, Ashley Spurlock & Whitney Ward.

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