Party like it’s yo berfday


(Long post warning!! Sorry, I’m still getting the hang of this blogging thing…)

Yesterday I turned 26 – not quite old enough to be embarrassed about my age, but my mother and I decided no matter how old you get, it will ALWAYS be better to tell someone your age than your weight. Good advice, Mom.  So in light of that, today’s post is a random collection of birthday memories.  And if this post gets a little long, it’s ok because it’s my birthday, so there.

My mom always let us chose what to have for our birthday dinner, so in my teens, I think I usually picked BBQ chicken, shrimp/dill/cucumber pasta salad, and baked beans.  And before I was mature enough to like shrimp and cucumbers, I would request baked beans and hot dogs.  My mother makes the BEST baked beans – I think I like them because they taste like BBQ sauce.  And those who know me knows that I like anything that is a means of getting more BBQ sauce into my belly.  Mmm mmm good.

Growing up, we had somewhat of an “adopted grandpa” named Howard Evans and he came to our house for dinner almost every Sunday.  Each year on our birthday, he gave us a mini box of See’s Candy (except for that birthday when Eric got a nose hair trimmer…) and he would always end the birthday song singing “without a shirrrrrrrt”.  I guess very old men can get away with stuff like that…

One of my sisters (to remain unnamed, Laura) used to talk about her birthday SO much all throughout the year (suggesting presents, party plans, etc.) that we had to instate a 10-day rule – she could ONLY mention her birthday 10 days before and 10 days after the actual day. This rule was only applicable to her and it is still in effect today.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m terrible with birthdays – I’ll usually call, but I am not grown up enough to actually get a card written and in the mail. And speaking of birthday cards, I’ve been mostly miss and seldom hit with my sister Cecilie – one year I spelled her name wrong in the card, and another year I made this awesome homemade card for her but with the wrong age on it. She is still in therapy about it.

I share my birthday with my brother’s wedding anniversary, Jackie (a FAVORITE roommate) & Doug’s half wedding anniversary, and my most UN-favorite roommate of all time (IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: this is NOT Jackie!!!  Sorry for the confusion, Jack!).  And it’s two days after my Dad’s birthday. (He turned 60 last Friday! Go Dad!)

My FAVORITE birthday before this one was 22.  As far as birthday bashes go, my birthday was usually somewhat anticlimactic as it was after I got home from BYU but before my other college friends came home for the summer.  But this was my first summer staying in Provo and I was determined to have an awesome summer, so I threw myself a huge birthday BBQ.  I had just moved to a new apartment, so I invited a bunch of my old friends and everyone at the new place – it was SO MUCH FUN!!  And Jake and I had met at that point but we weren’t dating, so he came “just for the food” (his words).  So that makes yesterday the FIFTH birthday of mine that I’ve spent with Jake!  Everyone, I HIGHLY recommend throwing your own birthday party every once in awhile.

And last but certainly not least, this birthday has been superfantastic.  Saturday, Jake and I had an official Birthday Day O’ Fun in Salt Lake City.  We took pics of the flowers at Temple Square, ate Mexican mole at the Red Iguana, went for a drive up Emigration Canyon, had Tongan watermelon/coconut/pineapple juice and a Basque steak sandwich at a street festival downtown, visited Jake’s grandma and aunt, and just enjoyed the warm spring weather that FINALLY decided to show up. It was so much fun to hang out with Jake all day, and he was such a champ catering to my every whim AND letting me hog the camera the entire time. Even before the surprise party on Sunday (see next post), I’d say 26 was a huge success!

Here’s one of my favorite pics from Saturday – I’ll post more later.

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  1. At first I thought I was listed as the most UN-favorite roommate, but I’m going to assume I was actually your favorite and that sometimes you still wish you could live with me. 🙂

    High fives for an awesome birthday!!!

  2. Jack – sorry for the confusion!! I re-worded that paragraph and put in a disclaimer, so all who read will know that “most UN-favorite” roommate is NOT you. Geez, how embarrassing for me… And it’s true, sometimes I DO wish I could still live with you – Jake doesn’t have ANY cute skirts I can borrow. How selfish of him!

  3. I’m glad you had such a great B-day! Sorry we wern’t able to go to your surprise party on Sunday! I just have to say how much I love serving in the Primary with you! You add so much fun to the presidency and you put so much into your calling! You are also so talented, and thoughtful! Love ya! Tina

  4. Jake way to go. I was surprised as well that you made it a surprise. Sorry we were unavailable to come. Sounds sweet.

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