All by myself



Yes, I cut my own bangs.
No, I didn’t mean to make them this short.
Yes, I’m OK with how they look.
No, this was not pre-meditated.  It was VERY spur-of-the-moment, with VERY permanent consequences.
Yes, Jake was momentarily speachless, but I think deep down, he thinks they’re hot.

Lesson learned:  Cutting your own hair is terrifying yet exhilirating.

Note to self:  You never feel like more of a dork than when you post a picture of only yourself…

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  1. I’m impressed! My bangs look just like yours and I overpay a girl to do it.

    Hey, sometimes you have to post a picture of yourself. It’s okay. Just make sure the next one is a glamour shot with a razzle dazzle blue background.

  2. I couldn’t believe that you got your bangs cut the same way that I did and even on the same weekend! I paid some girl to do it too! I think I’ll have you do it next time 😉

    It looks cute though!

  3. I love the bangs Melissa! You must have caught the same bug as me, wanting a new look with the hair! PS. I post a RIDICULOUS amount of pictures of myself on my blog. I’m ok with it.

  4. Missa!! Super cute bangs! I love them. I’ve been contemplating chopping my hair off. I want some side swept bangs and layers. We’ll see if I get the guts! You’re adorable. I totally miss you!

  5. Super, super cute! I have been wanting to cut bangs and then backing out. Back and worth for a couple of months now. I’m living vicariously through you from now on.

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