Way back in May, we went to Temple Square for my birthday and took a TON of pictures of the beautiful flower gardens.  I promised to post some of my favorite pics, but now it’s September and I’m just barely getting to it.  Here are some of my favorites.  The pictures don’t nearly do the gardens justice, but they have inspired me to work on our flower beds a little more (hard to believe if you’ve seen my dying bushes… but next year is my year!!).  And by the way, I’m 99.9% positive that this is what Heaven looks like.

And speaking of Heaven, thank you everyone for your sweet comments and sympathy about Millie.  It’s been week now and we’re doing much better!  We miss her but feel peace about everything.  Love you all!

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  1. Incredible shots! What kind of camera are ya’ll shooting with?

    And yes, that is what heaven looks like. Well that, mixed with chocolate houses, raspberry lemonade rivers, and lots and lots of adorable puppies running around. My mom told me so.

  2. Hi Melissa! Thanks for entering our giveaway. Good luck!
    Congratulations on your pregnancy. That is super exciting. You are going to have so many new photo ops. Yay!!!
    These photos from Temple Square are fantastic. I think my favorite is the purple tree. Nice job!


  3. These are beautiful! And by the way, we are loving Philly. Springfield to be exact. Broomall First Ward, Valley Forge Stake ring a bell?

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