Monthly Archives: November 2008

It’s been awhile…


Maybe someday I’ll get into blogging regularly… But apparently today is not that day. Just as an update, and as a taste of future blog posts I hope to write in order to catch up, here’s the latest from the Spurlock Family of Two and a Half:

– Yesterday we had another ultrasound for Baby Spurlock! He’s quite active, and apparently likes the taco position (with his feet up by his head). We got a bunch of cute profile pictures of him, and even a 3-D image of his face. Medical technology rocks!! And yes, he is very cute, even after only 5.5 months in my belly.

– Jake has been working on finishing our basement since about mid-summer. We’re lucky to have such awesome family to help out. We’ve had my parents from California, my sisters at BYU, my brother in Arizona, Jake’s dad and brothers (even Ty in Logan), his uncle, and even a few friends and neighbors come help out. The sheetrock is about 70% up and after that it’ll be mudding/taping, painting, finishing work, and carpet. The exciting part about eventually getting the basement done is that only THEN will we be able to start on the baby’s room! I guess I keep putting baby things off, thinking that we still have PLENTY of time. But time is definitely ticking away…

– We can’t wait to go to the Bain’s house in Arizona for Thanksgiving! Maren (our cute little neice) turned one on Election Day and I am a terrible aunt because I never even called them to sing Happy Birthday. That day I happened to be confined to my bed and my bathroom – puking my guts out for the first time EVER during my pregnancy. I guess I can consider myself “lucky” that I haven’t felt more sick with the baby…

– Work is going just fine and regular for both of us. Jake loves what he’s doing with Petomundo, especially the part where he gets to work from home. I’d be lying if I said that I’ve never come home at 6 p.m. and caught him still in his PJ’s (or underwear). But he’s working hard and he enjoys it all, so that’s great. I’m still just doing my thing at XanGo – I’ll work at least until the baby is born, and then we’ll see what works out after that.

And that’s a wrap for now! I know this is a very common blog cliche, but I PROMISE TO POST SOME PICTURES SOON! Not too many of me (who wants their pic taken when they’re pregnant??), but something for your viewing pleasure. Tootle-ooh.

P.S. I thought I should just mention that this has been a BIG week for me – Monday I went grocery shopping for the first time in a LONG time (2 hours and $200 later… yipee); yesterday I cleaned the kitchen, made dinner, baked 5 batches of cookies, AND folded 2 large loads of laundry; and today I blogged. Watch out, productive world, here I come!