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  1. AMEN! Matt filled up his truck for $50 yesterday! $50! Unfortunately he was so excited about it that he got a speeding ticket about 15 minutes later 🙂 Guess we know what we’ll be spending our extra gas money on this month!

  2. I am soooooo happy about gas prices! It’s become one of Ryan and my favorite things to talk about, “did you see how much gas is at Maverik today???” I filled up our minivan last night for $40. ($1.85/gal) At the highpoint this summer it hit just over $100. UNBELIEVABLE!

  3. Hey Missa! Thanks for your comment. It is one HUGE can of enchilada sauce .. and it’s an awesome soup! We’re not going to be here for the holidays, so if you were in town, we might have missed eachother. We’ll be in Southern Utah (Cedar) for a Petersen Family Reunion for Thanksgiving and then up at Wesley’s parents for Christmas. We’ll have to get in touch sometime if we’re up there and you come up that way. Talk to you soon!

  4. Melissa! I am so happy to have found you! Jared and I were up in NY this weekend and hung out with Lisa and Chris…who gave me your blog. It is great to see Jake has graduated and you are pregnant! We are in DC and loving this area…as expensive as it is. If you guys are interested in seeing the DC sites, you are welcome to visit 🙂 Here is our blog (although we aren’t that great at posting all the time): jared-krystal.blogspot.com
    Can’t wait to hear from you!!

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