Monthly Archives: January 2009

4 weeks to go…


Here I am last week at 35 weeks pregnant.  Since that picture was taken, my wedding ring has decided not to fit.  Tomorrow I’ll be 36 weeks – I guess he’s coming whether I’m ready or not!  We’re slowly getting there.  At least we have a bassinet and a car seat/stroller, so the basics are ready.  And we have a few other things from my work baby shower (thanks anyone who I work with that reads this blog!).

For the record, I’m in denial that I actually committed to 2 blog posts per week.  Both you know and I know that that’s never going to happen.  Well, maybe it will happen once I have this baby, because you have TONS of time on your hands when you have a newborn, right???

And a few have asked about my work plans before/after the baby.  I’ll work as long as I can before the baby comes, basically until I go into labor.  After, I’ll go on a leave for however long I feel like, and then I’ll go back to work for 30 days (to keep the insurance benefits), but after that it’s over.  My position won’t be available part-time, and I don’t want to work full-time with a new baby, so that’s that!  I wouldn’t have minded trying out part-time, but in a way it’s nice to just have the decision made for me.

That’s it for my mostly informational, barely entertaining blog post.  Hopefully more pics of what I’ve been up to in my next blog post!

Annnnnnnnd I’m back.


It’s been 2 months since my last post…  Jake challenged me to do 2 posts per week – a little ambitious considering I haven’t even done 2 posts in the last 2 months.  But he put this super cute new theme on my blog so I HAVE to write something so I can get back on the radar!

We’ve had a lot going on over the past 2 months.  Here are some highlights, newest to oldest:

I’m now 34 weeks pregnant and feeling quite uncomfortable.  The kid likes to kick me in the ribs and all the organs that he’s displaced.  Thanks Baby – you’re grounded as soon as you’re born.  This whole baby thing is starting to feel pretty real now that we’re coming up on our last month and a half!  Tomorrow we start a prenatal/parenting class, we bought a bassinet and Jake put it together tonight, we’re getting close to deciding on a car seat… SO MANY DECISIONS!!  But it’s comforting to know that no matter what we decide, he’s coming ready or not!

New Year’s week, my parents came out to visit and they’re the hardest working visitors we’ve had!  My dad and Jake tore it up in the basement (and Ken, too, on New Year’s Day) while my mother spent the days working on my list of projects (ie. hemming the curtains and making runners for the furniture in my room, putting away the Christmas decorations, doing dishes, vacuuming, and on and on).  My sister Laura also helped out both in the basement and the house.  We’re pretty lucky to have family that likes to help out.

Speaking of help, we’ve had a bunch of awesome help on the basement.  Jake’s brothers, dad, uncle, my dad, brother and sisters, a few friends, etc.  The goal is to have it finished before the baby arrives…  The sheetrock is finally done, so the next step is mudding and taping – fun stuff.

Christmas was spent with the Spurlocks at Jake’s parents’ home in SLC – complete with Christmas Eve Mexican dinner and a turkey feast on Christmas day.  Oh, and snow.  Blech.  White Christmases are so overrated!! (I know, I’m a whiney California import that still can’t get over the snow after being in Utah for 10 winters now…  YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE!!)

Thanksgiving was spent in Arizona with the Bains at my brother’s house.  We had a super fun week full of lots of playing, eating, Hand and Foot, the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch, family pictures, cute nephews making a go-cart with Grandpa, and BEAUTIFUL Arizona November weather. My brother and his wife are superb hosts! (And we can’t wait for their 4th arrival, due in August!)

And finally, the weekend before Thanksgiving, Jake scored 2 nights at this awesome condo in Park City. So we invited Jake’s bro Ty and wife Ashley to come stay with us – they’re a blast to hang out with.  We pretty much just vegged the whole weekend, staying up late, sleeping in, outlet shopping, watching TV, and eating out.  Hip hop hurray for mini vacations.  I could really use one now!

So that’s a wrap,  I won’t add pictures to this post since it’s already WAY too long (just follow the links).  Maybe I’ll add some to another post… No promises but I’ll do my best!  If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get a peek at the size of my tummy, or maybe even the 3-D ultrasound picture I mentioned 14 WEEKS AGO!!!  Stay tuned…