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In case you were wondering


As Baby Spurlock is no doubt preparing to make his spectacular debut (hopefully SOON), we just wanted to let you all in on the Master Plan for when he comes. Maybe this is all super obvious and I’m just doing this all for my own peace of mind because I’m crazy, but regardless, indulge me. People/books say that birthing plans are very important, so here’s ours, more or less.

When I start going into labor (aka when I’m admitted at the hospital), we’ll spread the word either by text, phone call, or Twitter/Facebook. (Yes, you read that right – Facebook. As most of you know, Jake’s always “connected”, and he said he’ll be Twittering a lot of what goes on. And since his Twitter account updates his Facebook status, that might be the easiest way to keep tabs on how things are going with us. I know, I know, we’re so Gen Y…) For those of you who would like to be informed when we’re on our way to the hospital – NO MATTER WHAT TIME OF DAY OR NIGHT – email me and let me know. For the rest of you who value your sleep, we’ll probably sound the alarm again after the sun comes up, so don’t worry about
being out of the loop for too long.

We will let you all know as soon as we can when the baby is born. I promise!  We won’t forget to call/text/update the very first instant that we are able to. If we haven’t let you know yet, then he probably hasn’t been born yet. 🙂

As for coming to the hospital – we will let you all know when we are ready for visitors. We do love each of you dearly, but we ask that you please wait to come to the hospital until we have specifically given the OK. It’s our first baby, we have no idea what to expect, but I know that I’ll need/want Jake for every second before, during, and after I give birth, and I’ll have a really hard time if he’s constantly leaving me to give updates in the waiting room. Call me crazy, but this is how we’d like things to go down for our first. So we’ll be very excited to see you all – AFTER the baby is born and we have determined that we are ready for visitors. Thanks!!

If you have any questions, speak now! I predict that there won’t be much phone answering on our part once the insanity begins. We’re so excited for our baby to come and for you all to meet him!

Jake and Melissa

Because my friends are awesome


Thank you to Megan, Sarah, Laura, and Kim for a super fresh baby shower!  The food was delish, the company was sublime, and the baby gifts were most appreciated.  Rushton will thank you when he’s old enough.



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