9 days or less (or more…)


It’s Tuesday morning and no baby yet.  I’m still more than a week from my due date, so I can’t complain just quite yet (but Jake would probably tell you that I’m still complaining anyways :).  There’s plenty to do at work, and my boss’s baby is due the exact same time mine is, so it’s probably better if Baby Spurlock waits a few more days.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of me from this morning.  Survey says that I’ve grown quite a bit in the last 2 weeks or so, but for the record, my belly button still remains an “innie.”

38 1/2 weeks...

No excited exclamation points in this post.  Can you tell I’m a little tired of being pregnant??

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  1. Bain!! You look great!! Keep on keepin on and tell your baby to come soon, boss’s baby or not!!!!

    (I used the exclamation points for you. You’re welcome.)

  2. for the record. I will be referring to him as baby-spurlock probably for the remainder of his life. And you are just about the most adorable pregnantee ever. and having an innie helps. (sorry for those ladies who have the outie’s, but, how weird are they?)

  3. My Goodness Missa! You seriously look like you’re 7 months pregnant. Are you sure you have the dates right? You’re tiny. I stuck out SOO much further with Mallory. You don’t even look like you’ve dropped at all. Incredible. I hope everything goes well for you and Baby Spurlock. Just remember .. Due Dates are not accurate. That baby will come when they want to. (Whether you like it or not) =o) Love you! Miss you!

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