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Graduation and such


Last weekend was crazy busy, but I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.  ALL of my family was in town for Rushton’s baby blessing, both of my sisters’ BYU graduations, and my brother’s in-laws had a wedding as well.  Thanks to a finished basement, we were even able to fit every single one of them overnight on Friday!  (Although the basement bathroom technically wasn’t finished until Saturday night.)  It was so good to be together as family!  Thank you everyone for coming all the way from California, Arizona, and Provo!!  And I give some mad props to Jake for representing us at both days of graduation.  Rush and I could only handle one day, but Jake was an awesome brother-in-law and went to all of it for both Cecilie and Laura.

Here are some pictures to prove we were there (the square setting on the gallery crops some people out in the thumbnail below – click on the pic to see everyone):

A letter to Questar


Dear Gas Company,

Thank you for decorating my flower beds with neon red, orange, and yellow spray paint.  I guess you didn’t think there was enough color there already.  Oh, and also thank you for digging up some of my tulips without even asking.  Do I owe you any extra on my bill this month for all the extra service?  Keep up the good work.


Melissa Spurlock



Rush Baby Portraits


We finally got some official baby pictures taken of Rushton about a week ago.  Our photographer friend Ashlee Raubach did them at her gorgeous home – I just love her style.  They turned out so great!!  Here are a few of them:

Lady killer


Rushton in the tub

Our hansome little dude has some VERY blue eyes, especially for being so young (often babies have gray eyes for a while).  Strange, since both Jake and I have green eyes.  But I guess it’s not a total mystery since we both have blue eyes in our families.  Anyways, I took Rush with me to my doctor appointment (long story in and of itself.  Note to self:  Now that you have a baby, don’t schedule to be ANYWHERE before 3 p.m.  YOU WON’T MAKE IT ON TIME.) and the doctor ooh-ed and ahh-ed at his bright blue eyes.  And I quote: “Those are some real lady killers!”  I’m flattered, but it also got me worrying and hoping that Rushton doesn’t become too much of a ladies man.  Visions of a BYU co-ed in a thrift store t-shirt and brown Rainbow flip flops, serenading countless googly-eyed girls in the Cannon Center on his guitar with cheesey love songs he wrote himself with the specific purpose of wooing said googly-eyed girls.  You know the type.  Ay ay ay…

Lone daffodil


Last fall my sister Cecilie was super awesome and planted two whole bags of bulbs for me, each with 100 bulbs (tulips and daffodils). The suspense this spring has been killing me as I’ve waited and waited to see if any of the new bulbs took. So far there a bunch of tulip leaves shooting up out of the ground, as well as a few daffodils! Success! Here’s the first bloom of the season.

Lone daffodil

Now please pray that all the rest of my flowers come up and the trees bloom in time for all of my family visitors this week!  It looks like there are a bunch of tulips ready to pop.  SUCCESS!

Is there anything better than spring blossoms??

Flowering pear tree

Down under


Whoa, I just saw this draft post that I wrote back in September but never published:

Jake started finishing our basement about a month ago, and Day 1 was less than successful…

Broke window while loading studs

Sad face from broken window



**UPDATE:  I’m happy to say that we’re almost done with the basement!!  Jake will get the bathroom finished in time for our visitors this week, and after that, we just have some touch-up work to do here and there.  We’ve been so appreciative of all the help we’ve received from friends and family, and I’m very proud of Jake for taking on such a huge project.  I know that he really just wanted to do the basement so he could get a TV – fine by me, the motivation worked!  I’ll post pics of the mostly finished product soon.

Rushton – Moods…

Rushton Ray Spurlock – Faces from Jake Spurlock on Vimeo.

Just wanted to share a video that we made of Rush over the last couple of days. We bought the Flip Video MinoHD Camera, and are loving how it easy it is to shoot and upload videos. Expect a few more of these… In HD nonetheless.

Disclaimer: I apologize for the non-makeup shots of me. When Jake was filming me, that was supposed to be test footage and wasn’t supposed to be seen by anyone…



I was going to take/post a picture of Rushton in my favorite outfit of his (which he finally fits!!), but that’ll have to wait.  Before I got a chance, he had a MAJOR blow out while Jake was holding him – it soaked through Rushton’s diaper, onsie, pants, blanket, and all the way through to Jake’s shorts.  Good one, little buddy.  I guess that’s what my life is all about these days.

In the meantime, you can check out more Rushton pictures in the new album on Jake’s Flikr site.  (Don’t worry, I did NOT take any pictures of today’s mishap.)

Never before has the world seen such a huge blow out from such a little baby.