I was going to take/post a picture of Rushton in my favorite outfit of his (which he finally fits!!), but that’ll have to wait.  Before I got a chance, he had a MAJOR blow out while Jake was holding him – it soaked through Rushton’s diaper, onsie, pants, blanket, and all the way through to Jake’s shorts.  Good one, little buddy.  I guess that’s what my life is all about these days.

In the meantime, you can check out more Rushton pictures in the new album on Jake’s Flikr site.  (Don’t worry, I did NOT take any pictures of today’s mishap.)

Never before has the world seen such a huge blow out from such a little baby.

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  1. ah! you should have posted a picture for chris–he does not really believe that they happen….what the future holds for him. one day!! how fun.

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