Lady killer


Rushton in the tub

Our hansome little dude has some VERY blue eyes, especially for being so young (often babies have gray eyes for a while).  Strange, since both Jake and I have green eyes.  But I guess it’s not a total mystery since we both have blue eyes in our families.  Anyways, I took Rush with me to my doctor appointment (long story in and of itself.  Note to self:  Now that you have a baby, don’t schedule to be ANYWHERE before 3 p.m.  YOU WON’T MAKE IT ON TIME.) and the doctor ooh-ed and ahh-ed at his bright blue eyes.  And I quote: “Those are some real lady killers!”  I’m flattered, but it also got me worrying and hoping that Rushton doesn’t become too much of a ladies man.  Visions of a BYU co-ed in a thrift store t-shirt and brown Rainbow flip flops, serenading countless googly-eyed girls in the Cannon Center on his guitar with cheesey love songs he wrote himself with the specific purpose of wooing said googly-eyed girls.  You know the type.  Ay ay ay…

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  1. You crack me up. What a doll. He’s too cute. I hope you guys do come out this summer. I want to snuggle on that little boy SO much! What a cutie.

  2. Yes he’s definitely cute enough to fit that classic BYU mold. But since he’s your son, he’ll be more original with his lady-killing tactics!

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