Daily Archives: April 30, 2009

Graduation and such


Last weekend was crazy busy, but I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.  ALL of my family was in town for Rushton’s baby blessing, both of my sisters’ BYU graduations, and my brother’s in-laws had a wedding as well.  Thanks to a finished basement, we were even able to fit every single one of them overnight on Friday!  (Although the basement bathroom technically wasn’t finished until Saturday night.)  It was so good to be together as family!  Thank you everyone for coming all the way from California, Arizona, and Provo!!  And I give some mad props to Jake for representing us at both days of graduation.  Rush and I could only handle one day, but Jake was an awesome brother-in-law and went to all of it for both Cecilie and Laura.

Here are some pictures to prove we were there (the square setting on the gallery crops some people out in the thumbnail below – click on the pic to see everyone):

A letter to Questar


Dear Gas Company,

Thank you for decorating my flower beds with neon red, orange, and yellow spray paint.  I guess you didn’t think there was enough color there already.  Oh, and also thank you for digging up some of my tulips without even asking.  Do I owe you any extra on my bill this month for all the extra service?  Keep up the good work.


Melissa Spurlock