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So there comes a point every night when it gets late where I have to decide whether to go to bed (only to get woken up within the hour by a hungry baby) or to just stay awake until Rush needs to eat again.  Usually I opt for staying up, and that’s usually a bad decision come the next day.  Yet I still never learn…

Rushton will be 4 months old in one week, and over the last few months I’ve realized that my life – now more than ever – is about choices.  Eat breakfast or shower (I can only do one or the other before noon on any given day), take a much-needed nap or do some laundry, blog or just read other peoples’ blogs, change the wet diaper now or wait until it gets more junk in the trunk, etc.  Usually the path of least resistance wins out.  Maybe someday I’ll get my tail end in gear and quit using the new baby excuse, but for now, it’s hard!  Other moms I’ve talked to have said it took them almost a year to get into the groove of things after their first baby.  I can definitely see that.

On a different note – how the heck did Jimmy Fallon get his own show?  We’ve DVRed a few episodes of Conan and it also recorded the first few minutes of Jimmy Fallon’s new late night show, and each time it seems like a total train wreck.  Even on SNL all Jimmy did was giggle through his lines, so who thought giving him his own show would be a good idea??

Dude, I’m about ready to stop going to church.  Rushton just can’t handle it.  For one, church starts at 11 a.m. and it’s everything we can to just to get there on time.  I have to wake Rush up in the middle of his morning nap just to get him ready and fed, then he rarely sleeps during church (just restless cat naps), he’s fussy and squawking the whole time we’re there, then he passes out on the 0.1 mile drive home so he has a little nap in his carseat for the next half hour, then he doesn’t nap well for the rest of the day and by 5 p.m. he’s so wasted he can’t calm down, which puts me on the verge of tears the entire rest of the day.  So church + baby = no sleep for baby = miserable day for parents (but mostly mom).  Maybe I’ll just start watching TV preachers, like Pastor Melissa with her big fancy chalkboard…

So I finally went to see a lactation specialist last week, and it went pretty much how I predicted it would.  An old lady with bad breath who didn’t have much sympathy for my pain mostly told me things I already knew while she poked my boobs (sorry if that’s too much info for any dudes that might read this…).  Plus Rush hated it – they made him eat just wearing a diaper, and the lady tried to talk the whole time (Rush prefers peace and quiet while eating), and he just wasn’t having it.  $35 and one angry baby later…

I’ll end on a happy note.  In the last few weeks Rushton has found his voice, and it’s been pretty cute.  He really seems to be trying to communicate in his own little way with all his grunts and squawks and coos/talking.  Plus he’s turned up the volume a few decibels.  I guess he didn’t think we could hear him before?  I tried to take some video but he usually gets so distracted with the camera that he stops what he’s doing.  But I’ve committed Jake to doing another video montage of Rush SOON, so tune in next time for that and for some more coherent (and more concise) rambling!

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  1. OH Melissa .. How I can relate. It’s all new mom stuff .. and it’s all SO true. I remember many a days that Mallory and I wouldn’t get out of bed till after 10am. I know that’s not going to happen with baby #2, since Mallory will be demanding breakfast come 8am. I would just soak up that time with him while you can. The first year sucks, but it’s rewarding and goes by faster than you can imagine. As for church – that’s a tough one. I can’t say it’ll get better, cause that would be a total lie. It gets WORSE until they get into nursery. Between ages 12 months to 17 months, you’ll wonder why in the world you are even there at all. It’s pointless. You don’t get to go to ANY of the classes in the three hour block. I’m surprised more new moms aren’t inactive. It would be so much easier to just stay home and watch some old general conference talks on line or something. Do you ever get him ready before his morning nap – for church I mean. Just get him dressed and then go for a car ride and get him to go to sleep in his car seat and then take the car seat in to sacrament with you? If he sleeps a while in his seat, then you can feed him when he wakes up at church. I don’t know .. just a thought. We’ve always had church at 9:30, so Mallory always fell asleep during sacrament mtg and I never had to worry about her missing her morning nap. 11 is a hard time.

    I have a great breastfeeding book – which name escapes me at the moment since I have “pregnancy brain”, but it answered a lot of my questions when I was nursing. What kind of problems are you and Rushton having right now? Is it painful when he’s latching on? Does he not eat a lot? Have you pumped and then given him a bottle? Let me know – I’ll look for the book and let you know what the name is. It’s a good one.

    Good luck. Hang in there. I love the random thoughts. Oh .. and Jimmy Fallon? Seriously? I’m with you on that one. What a waste of time and energy. “Train wreck” couldn’t be a more perfect description of that show.

  2. I say watch TV evangelists for Sunday School and have Jake and your home teacher give you the sacrament, visiting teaching ought to count for R.S, and you’ll be good.

  3. I’m right there with you when it comes to church! We’ve made an effort to make it to sacrament meeting and then Archie and I try to switch off every other week so one of us each week can get to our meetings. With him being colicky to begin with and then babies are just hard and they need their naps during the day and all of that. So us this works and some Sundays we just don’t make it and that’s OK!

    I’m really sorry about the lactation nurse. The lactation nurse was really nice that I saw, but she didn’t do anything either for me, but she did charge me less since he never latched on so that was a bonus! What probs are you having? Gabe never ever took, as you know, so I gave up and he’s been doing great on formula for the last two months. So just do what you feel is best for you and Rushton! Oh and I love the other posts of you, and Jake in your younger years! So fun!

  4. I know what you mean about it all being about choices. I too have neglected my own blog and just read everyone elses. Good luck with nursing. We had a hard time too, but thankfully after a while we seem to have it worked out, kinda. Email me if you want to get together, we’d love to meet little Rush in person!

  5. Melissa,
    Hang in there. It is all hard just worth it. On the daily stuff challenge yourself to do a few things a day. It will build confidence and some independence.

    When my boys were young I went to church by myself. Three kids under age three. I was the primary president. I think that was kept me going to church. The other hours I could be found in the mothers room. I wondered if it was worth it every Sunday.

    You can do it you are an amazing mom.

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