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  1. I think Rushton is a very good combination of the two of you. Do you think he looks more like one of you than the other? He’s too cute. What an adorable smile.

    I LOVE all the “throwback” pictures. They cracked me up. I love the “business woman” halloween costume. Oh .. and the picture of Jake with a dress on. Do you think that’s what made him want to be a cheerleader when he grew up? =o) You guys are adorable. I’ve gotta get myself a scanner so I can put some old pictures of us on my blog. Too cute.

  2. I think that in a lot of pictures he looks like Jake, but there is one picture in the bunch where he is PURE Bain! He looks just so agreeable!

  3. I can see a mix of Bain now in Rushton. He is the cutest baby ever! I love the “walker” photos of you and Jake.

  4. I have not checked your blog for some time, but my goodness! What a handsome kid! Looks like you guys are having lots of fun with your little family! Tahoe is my most favorite place in the world!

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