If this doesn’t make you want to have a baby immediately…


… Then I don’t know what will.


Rush has started giggling off and on, but tonight he was just going crazy. We would laugh, he would laugh… It was great. At the end here, he gets kind of sad, and we think that it is because he got some shots today. There is only so much this little boy can handle!

P.S. Rush turned four months old yesterday. FOUR MONTHS! He is practically a grown up.

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  1. haha! I loved the title of your post – its too true! What is cuter than a little one laughing? It melts your heart. Don’t moments like those make you so happy to be a parent??

  2. So cute! Nora said “I want to watch that again.” Guess what I’m going to be doing all day?
    FOUR MONTHS! Glad he survived his shots. I still have nightmares over the time Sophie sobbed at your house after her shots.

  3. too cute! we don’t have laughing at our house yet, my sister got a giggle once but Maddy won’t laugh for me!

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