Daily Archives: July 10, 2009

Could there BE a happier baby??



I submit that there could NOT.

Jake really really really really wants me to get an iPhone, one reason being so I can take pics of Rush and upload them to Facebook/Twitter/blog right away.  But truthfully, the iPhone is just too much phone for me.  I’m just not hip enough.  And I just don’t want one.  I’ve basically been using the same phone for the last 4 years – no camera, no internet, nothing fancy at ALL – it’s so old, people usually ask me if it’s even a real phone or just a play phone for my kid.  YES IT IS A REAL PHONE.  So how can I go from that to an iPhone?  Plus, if I had an iPhone, people would think that I actually CARE about having an iPhone, which I don’t.  Not that I’m judging anyone who DOES have one, but I just don’t want one and I’m ok with that.  The end.