It’s been a long long time…


Here’s a picture to hold you over until I get time to do a little update. There are a few things Rush has gotten REALLY good at lately – one of them is waking up right when I start to be productive (i.e. turn on the water for a shower, eat a meal, sit down to write a blog post, DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN FEED OR ENTERTAIN HIM). Don’t get me wrong – I love spending time with him and I’m not complaining! I’m just making a simple observation as a new mom. I’d just like to get something done besides dishes once in a while! 🙂 But for now, off I go to get my cute wiggly baby out of his crib.  And truth be told, I actually miss him when he’s asleep and I keep wondering when he’ll finally wake up so I can hold him again!

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  1. He’s adorable. I can’t wait for more pictures! I totally remember those days – of getting nothin’ done. Just do what you can do. =o)

    We’ll be in Utah this next week. I’m coming out for Keisha’s wedding and I’ll be flying out Friday the 7th and I’ll be in the SLC area friday, saturday and probably sunday. Are you going to Megan Pratt’s reception on the 7th?

  2. Hi Melissa, thanks for your recent comment on my blog. I have followed yours, among many others, for awhile and I am enjoying being a blogger myself. Rush is soooo cute! I definitely see the Bain in that little face…..momma & grandpa Bill.

  3. Hey Melissa, I am so glad I have your blog now. I didn’t know you were living in Utah. That is cool. I know excactly where Saratoga Springs is. My friends bought a condo out there. We are living in Provo near center street. I can’t believe your baby is 6 months old already. He is so cute. We should get together. Do you ever come out to provo?

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