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I wasn’t “tagged” or anything, but I like reading these when other people do them, so here’s to 50 questions.  And I totally won’t be offended if you don’t read it all.

  1. What time did you get up this morning?  First time 1:30 a.m., second time 6:25 a.m.  I’ve GOT to figure out how to get Rushton to sleep through the night…
  2. How do you like your steak? Medium to medium rare
  3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Hmm, it’s been a LONG time… Benjamin Button? (Yikes, that was back at New Year’s… We need to get out more.)
  4. What is your favorite TV show? Arrested Development, Mad Men, The Bachelorette/Bachelor
  5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? San Diego, Switzerland, Portland, Seattle, Barcelona, somewhere in Italy, Santorini… But I wouldn’t want to live any of those far away places for too long if family wasn’t there, too.
  6. What did you have for breakfast? Frosted Flakes
  7. What is your favorite cuisine? Mexican
  8. What foods do you dislike? Not a huge fan of most Asian food, or at least how I feel after I eat it.
  9. Favorite Place to Eat? Goodwood BBQ, Village Pizza, Blue Iguana
  10.  Favorite dressing? Homemade restaurant ranch or blue cheese
  11.  What kind of vehicle do you drive? Mazda Progete or Jeep Cheroke
  12.  What are your favorite clothes? I’m still in the inbetween phase (inbetween maternity clothes and my regular clothes) so I can’t really wear my favorites, but I usually go for capris, a black top, and mary janes.
  13.  Where would you visit if you had the chance? Somewhere tropical
  14.  Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full? Definitely half full – cute baby, great guy, comfy home, what more could I ask for?
  15.  Where would you want to retire? Somewhere kind of country with little-to-no snow but not too hot, a decent sized plot of land, big home for lots of family, maybe near a lake
  16.  Favorite time of day? Evening
  17.  Where were you born? Oakland, CA
  18.  What is your favorite sport to watch? Soccer and basketball live, Olympic figure skating and gymnastics on TV
  19.  Ever broken any bones? My arm when I was about 4.  I think we got a little too rough wrestling in the back yard.
  20.  Shoe size? 7 1/2
  21.  How many states have you visited? 19
  22.  Do you workout? Not usually, but I definitely should.
  23.  Are you a morning person or a night person? Night
  24.  Pets? We had a dog once, but I DO NOT LIKE PETS.  They’re fine for other people, but count me out thank you very much.
  25.  Favorite zoo animal? I’ll probably have a better answer once Rush is old enough to enjoy the zoo.
  26.  How many brothers and sisters? 2 sisters, 1 brother
  27.  What is your best childhood memory? So many good ones to choose from, but probably favorite are summer vacations at my grandparents’ home in Burley, Idaho – the county fair, homemade root beer, making taffy, coloring with stencils, fishing, driving the blue Honda, playing in the ditches, driving the tractor, riding the bike through the fields, snipe hunting, flooding the lawn, lincoln logs and ping pong in the basement, going into town, playing with all my cousins, baby kittens, night games with the cute neighbor boys, tire swing in the tractor shed, and the list goes on and on.  Good times…
  28.  Are you a cat or dog person? Neither (Although I do admit, even though I’d never in a million years say I’m a dog person, our puppy Millie holds a special place in my heart. Rest in peace, little buddy.)
  29.  Are you married? Yes, 4 years and counting.
  30.  Always wear your seat belt? Always always always
  31.  Ever been in a car accident? Yes, quite a few, but the only time I was at fault was when I ran into a parked car backing out of an alley my junior year in high school
  32.  Any pet peeves? When the baby monitor starts buzzing and chirping with interference, and when I waste time (like right now probably)…
  33.  Favorite pizza topping? When I can handle the greasy-ness of it, the meatball-peperoni-sausage pizza at Village Pizza is divine.
  34.  Favorite Flower? Peony, hydrangea, tulip, Asain lily, ranunculus
  35.  Favorite ice cream? Bryers Mint Chocolate Chip or Leatherby’s Toasted Almond
  36.  Favorite fast food restaurant? A tie between Wendy’s and Carl’s Jr.
  37.  How many times did you fail your driver’s test? Driving, once, but that lady was crazy
  38.  From whom did you get your last email? Myself (scanned something at a friend’s house and emailed it to myself)
  39.  Ever been arrested? Nope
  40.  Do anything spontaneous lately? I fear my days of spontaneity are temporarily on hold, at least while this baby continues needing to eat and sleep… 
  41.  Like your job? I love being home with my baby, it’s just taken a while to find my groove as a mom.
  42.  Broccoli? Yum (especially with steak and mashed potatoes, it’s almost the perfect meal)
  43.  What was your favorite vacation? Every time we go to California.  Especially last summer when my whole family was there for the 4th of July.  And Vernal was pretty fun. (Yes, you heard right, I said Vernal Utah.  Jake and I took our bikes and had a blast!)
  44.  Last person you went out to dinner with? Jake, his bro Nick, and 2 of Nick’s friends
  45.  What are you listening to right now? The baby monitor and whatever Jake’s listening to in the other room
  46.  What is your favorite color? Spring green
  47.  How many tattoos do you have? None
  48.  Coke or Pepsi? Diet Coke or Wild Cherry Pepsi
  49.  McDonalds or Burger King? Meh, neither?  But I guess if I had to choose, McD’s because of the Oreo McFlurry.  And the Southern Chicken Sandwich is pretty good (the one with just pickles).
  50.  Coffee Drinker? Nope

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  1. This was fun to read. I’m glad to hear you watch Bachelor/Bachelorette…I just saw on the cover of US magazine that Ed cheated on Jillian while the show was on the air! I’m not sure how credible that magazine is, but I know it’s more credible than the National Enquirer. She should have gone for Jake, there’s no question about his motives or fidelity. Can’t go wrong with a guy named Jake, right 😉

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