The one with lots of pictures at the computer and the zoo


Rush is getting huge. His 6 month appointment is in about a week, and I’m sure he’ll be over 17 lbs. He’s really strong and loves standing up, jumping, laughing, jabbering, grabbing things (like my face, hair, or anything in my hands), putting things in his mouth, reading books that he can later grab and lick, and all those cute things babies do. Except I’m pretty sure he’s cuter than your baby, just for the record.

I can’t figure out how to work the gallery settings on my blog, and Jake’s gone, so they’re all posted in one big bunch. The first half are Rush playing with Jake at the computer and the second half are us at the Hogle Zoo earlier this week. Rush loved the carousel but did NOT love going through the tunnel on the train…

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  1. I am not kidding. You guys have the cutest baby in the world. You need to keep reproducing. And then we can hook up my kids with your kids. Unless Zacho messes up my gene pool and gives our kids brown eyes. Then I wouldn’t put your genes through that. So we’ll see. But in the mean time, keep ’em coming. I seriously want to squish that lil’ guy!

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