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This isn’t the best picture ever taken, but it shows just how BIG Rushton is getting.  I can’t get over how huge he is!  Not my tiny little newborn anymore.


And who doesn’t love a cute pudgy little baby tummy, especially when the baby can sit up all by himself?



Check out the slobber dripping off his chin.  IRRESISTABLE, I tell you.


And one more, just for kicks.


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  1. Cutest little guy in the world. If I had a guarantee that my kids would be THIS cute, I’d have already gotten preggers. 🙂

  2. Ugh, this kid is ADORABLE! I can hardly stand living so far away. It’s so cute, too, when babies shirts hike up because their bellies are so big. Love it! Give Rush a hug from me! I love you guys!

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