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  1. Look at you and ALL these posts. Can’t believe it! =o) I love the first picture above. He looks JUST like daddy in that one. It’s funny how I see you in him in some and jake in the others. He is just too adorable. I love it. I just want to squeeze him. He is getting way too big. How is it that kids grow up so fast? I’ve gotta keep Zach small as long as possible.

  2. Wow!!! He is such a darling boy!!! I would love to see you all again.Im so sorry we always seem to miss you. Hopefully we can all get together soon…I just cant believe how cute he is =)

  3. don’t you just love bathtime? nothing like clean, happy kids 🙂 his smiles are adorable!

    hey and by the way, we just made our blog private, but I don’t have your e-mail address, so if you’d like to read, send me an e-mail at helpthe3percent@gmail.com

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