Good times


Like I mentioned in the previous post, Rushton and I spent 3 weeks in December at my parents’ home in California.  Jake joined us right before Christmas and stayed the rest of the vacation.  It was my favorite trip home EVER and I’m pretty sure it can’t be topped!  Aside from just being grateful that my dad is still alive, it was so nice to just hang out at HOME and not do anything or go anywhere.  We always have a blast when we go there, but this time was extra awesome.  So aside from naps and good food, here’s a little taste of what we were up to during December…

I was speechless when I picked Jake up from the airport and he had filled an entire luggage bag with RockBand.  But it was worth it!  Much fun and rocking out was definitely had.  (Jake, Laura, and Cecilie’s boyfriend Scott)

Christmas pics  037

Rushton enjoying a graham cracker and orange peel one of the times my “California cousins” came over.  (Don’t you love his pinky?  So proper.)

Christmas pics  038

One of my FAVORITE parts of a Christmas at home: the ENORMOUS delectable apple from the aforementioned “California cousins”.  A HUGE Fuji apple, dipped in the most delicious caramel ever made, dipped in rick dark chocolate, dipped in about a million toasted almonds.  I can’t even describe the love affair I have with this apple.  I probably ate 75% of it by myself…

Christmas pics  039

Who, me?

Christmas pics  041

Just winding down with a book and a back massage…

Christmas pics  042

Reading the newspaper with Mommy…

Christmas pics  040

Grandpa was feeling SO well that he even built a backyard shooting range…  (Oh how I miss those Bay Area GREEN winters!)

Christmas pics  044

Some extra baby hugging went on when my brother’s family arrived from Arizona.  It was the first time I got to meet my not-so-new niece Macey (she was born last August).  What a cutie!  Here she is with my Georgia sister Laura:

Christmas pics  074

And to top it all off, we ended with a nice family fight.  I mean, family PHOTO.  (Sometimes those are one in the same…)  But I think we got a few good ones, and we were all still friends after the photoshoot.  Success!

Christmas pics  049

That guy between me and Cecilie is her boyfriend, Scott.  We took two versions of this picture – one with him and one without.  I told him it was up to HIM which picture we use for posterity…  (You’ll have to ask Cecilie about the verdict… And that’s all I’m going to say about that!)

And the cutest thing ever was how much my 2-year old niece Maren loved Rushton.  She would talk to him, help feed him, hug him, and keep track of him 24/7.  It was adorable!  Here’s the proof:

Christmas pics  043

Christmas pics  050

Christmas pics  067

P.S.  What a little cheeseball.  He usually does this when I pull out the camera.  He knows!  And just like his dad in almost EVERY PHOTO, his eyes are closed.  Love that kid!

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