Rushton’s first Christmas


And now we have the obligatory “Baby’s First Christmas!” post.  We started the festivities with a Spurlock Christmas party earlier in December.  Rushton was spoiled as he’s the first (and only… Get crackin, Ty and Ash! 😉 grandchild.  He loved the barn set and the wooden train, but he did NOT love Santa. (Sorry, Grandpa!  Maybe next year.  Or the next…)

Christmas pics  054

Christmas pics  055

Christmas pics  056

Luckily Santa didn’t make an appearance in the flesh at my parent’s home, so no tears that time.  He actually slept through most of the present-opening.  But Rushton did make a little froggy friend that day…

Christmas pics  062

And he cheezed it up for the camera a few times!

Christmas pics  063

Christmas pics  060

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  1. That boy is DELICIOUS. I appreciate the posts… now that I’m home more and blogstalking regularly, you’re going to need to stay committed, okay?

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