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You’re not getting sick of me yet, are you?  I left the blogosphere for 2 whole months so I have a lot of catching up to do.  So maybe just read one of my new posts a day for the next few days and then it won’t seem like I’m bombarding you.

Anyways, here are some more cute random pics of Rushton from the last few weeks.  He’s going to be one in about a week.  Did you read that correctly??  ONE!  I know, I can’t believe it either.

Bathtime in the sink at Grandma Bain’s house.  He loved the kitchen sink and all the stuff to grab on the counter.

Christmas pics  057


Christmas pics  059

Those cheeks…

Christmas pics  053

I swear, that boy will never get any hair to speak of.

Christmas pics  064

Rushton is simply showing Lexie who’s boss.  (Lexie is Jake’s cousin’s adorable little girl.)

Christmas pics  068

Rushton on vocals while playing a Taylor Swift song on RockBand.  We absolutely cannot keep him away from the RockBand stuff.  He’ll crawl over ANYTHING to get to it.

Christmas pics  065

Well, that’s enough for this post!  I’m his mama, so I can’t get enough – but for you, Dear Blog Reader, I’ll give you a little break for now.

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  1. It’s good to see some Bain/Spurlock action back in the blogging world. Rushton is so cute and looks like a very happy baby. I can’t believe he is almost ONE! Is he saying any words, standing or taking steps? I love all of the updates! great job, and happy that your dad is okay. That sounded like quite a scare!

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