Food, Glorious Food!


Welcome!  This is a place where members of the Mae and Ted Hanks extended family can share recipes.  It seems like every time we get together, people bring the most delicious dishes!  We all leave with promises of emailing those recipes to each other, but our lives are busy and we quickly forget.  Well, despair no more!  Here we can share recipes for dishes we’ve shared, food that reminds us of the good ol’ days in Burley, and even just our own family favorites.

Here’s how this will work: You submit your recipes via email to me (Melissa Spurlock at and I’ll post them as quickly as I can.  If you have a picture of the dish, include that in the email with the recipe.  And you get a gold star if your email also includes a little note about why that dish reminds you of something Hanks-family-ish or what occasion you brought the dish to!  If you don’t have a picture of the dish at the time you email me the recipe, but you end up making the dish and taking a picture later down the road, please feel free to email that picture any time and I’ll just add it to the post when I receive it.

We are all so excited for your recipes!  Don’t hold back!

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