What he’s been up to lately…


GETTING INTO EVERYTHING.  Apparently the kitchen is his new favorite place in the house.  You better believe that I started installing cabinet locks almost immediately.  However, they’re much harder to install than I anticipated, so I only got them on the important cupboards so far.  Enjoy it while it lasts, kiddo…

Rush  089

Who knew a wooden spoon could be the source of so much happiness?

Rush  090

Rush  091

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  1. Oh my gosh! He is soooo dang big and I can’t believe he’s pulling himself up already. 🙁 I bet you are having loads of fun “cooking” in the kitchen together! ha ha. Just wonderful. 😀

  2. Look at you blogging. Or were these done by Jake? =o)

    Rushton is SO stinkin’ cute! I just can’t get over it. I love this stage – where a wooden spoon is exciting. Mallory went through that and it was nice for a while .. but it’s better when the locks are on the drawers and I don’t have to clean up all day. There’s also something about pulling that wooden spoon out of the drawer to use it yourself and it has spit and hair and dirt all over it. Awesome. =o)

    How are you guys doing? I’m sad that I’m not in Fremont anymore – so I can’t see you if you visit. We’ll have to still come down to see you if you’re ever in the area.

  3. Amen. I find spatulas, tongs, and wood spoons all over my house. I also walk into the kitchen to find sandwich baggies ALL over the place. Why do people buy kids toys? All they need are boxes, cups, bubble wrap and kitchen utensils to experience true happiness.

  4. I don’t ever remember wooden spoons being the source of ANY happiness. The infamous “brown spoon” Ha Ha – eric

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