Red Butte Garden


Jake’s at Scout Camp all week, so Rush and I are having a grand old time entertaining ourselves.  Today we went up to Red Butte Gardens with the Wintertons – there are some fountains and a children’s garden.  Rush was in heaven!  It was about the giddiest I’ve ever seen him.  He was talking, singing, squawking, running, laughing…  It was so much fun!  Thanks Ryan, Kim, Sophie and Nora!

A few words about Rushton right now.  He’s getting so much faster at running and better at climbing.  Just when I thought the main floor was baby-proof enough, Rush goes and learns how to climb on chairs and the coffee table.  He is SO curious and busy – you can see in the pictures below that he’s always looking at or thinking about where he’s going next.  Rush can hardly be bothered to stop and smile for the camera (unless it’s someone else’s camera.  Ryan, can you send me your photos, pretty please??)  He talks a lot if you can get his binki out of his mouth, but still no real words.  He loves to hug kids, especially kids his size, but they generally want to run away crying (like Sophie does, but not Nora!)  He loves water, baths, pools, fountains, and anything outside.  He is such a happy little guy and makes me smile and laugh all day long, no joke.  I hardly remember life before him – what did I even do with myself every day?!

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  1. Look at you, you turbo blogger! Sophie is sitting at the computer with me and pointed at the pictures, saying, “Rush! Rush!” Cute. Hope you enjoyed your walk around the gardens.

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