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These videos are nothing extraordinary, but they show what Rush is up to these days. Running, dancing, laughing, singing, talking (yet still no real words), making messes, and playing video games with Dad (or at least holding the controller… every mother’s dream, right?…). And please excuse the ridiculous overalls he is wearing in the second video. Jake dressed him that afternoon. (Side note, another day that Jake was taking care of Rush, he fed him bacon for lunch and pepperoni for dinner… There is definitely something to be said about motherly instinct and nurturing. 🙂

**For some reason the videos aren’t showing up in Google Reader.  Just go to the actual blog and you should be able to view the videos…

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  1. I just don’t know if when you have more kids if they can be any cuter than this kid. Even when he looks like he should be down here in a trailer, he is adorable! And, I think you should get another video up where he is jumping on some couch cushions because the one titled “jumping on cushions” doesn’t show him jumping on cushions! Basically I just want to see some more of him! Of course you and Jake too….

    • I don’t know why, but when I post my videos to Vimeo and then link to them on my blog, the video doesn’t show up on my post in Google Reader. Just to to my actual blog to watch the video. Sorry for the technical difficulties…

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