Daily Archives: August 18, 2010

Stick a fork in me…


…’cause I’m DONE.  15 blog posts in one night?!  I’m a maniac!  No promises that I’ll keep up this pace.  Anyways, I’ll leave you with one final happy thought:  Indian food.

Yum!  Seriously.  Sadly, I couldn’t fit it all in my stomach at that moment, but that only meant I could prolong the goodness with leftovers.  This was a little place we went to in Fremont last month called Chutney – I’d definitely say that the Bay Area is an EXCELLENT place for Indian food.  But Utah’s not to be left out – The Bombay House has the best Chicken Tikka Masala that I’ve ever had.  I wish I had some right now…..  Sweet dreams, folks.  Now it’s YOUR turn to update your blog! 🙂

I Tri…


So last weekend Jake did a Triathalon Sprint up in Bountiful with his good friends Ryan and Josh.  And he survived!  He did great, especially for this being his first race pretty much ever.  At the risk of sounding like a cheesy, gushing wife, I’m so proud of Jake for taking it on!!  Congrats to all three studs for completing the race in good time!  And a special congratulations is in order for Ryan – not to brag, but he got 10th place overall, and 1st place in the 25-29 age group!  Well done, my friend.  Here they 3 are, in all their triathalon-y glory:

My cousin Heather and her husband Josh…

The Winterton family (another 2 of Rushton’s girlfriends)…

Jake gave Ryan a gnarly mohawk the night before.  I think the mohawk played an essential part in Ryan’s success.

Rushton tried on Jake’s goggles in order to prepare for his own triathalon some day…

Playing nice with Nora…

Someone’s mad at the triathalon for disrupting nap time…

And as any good triathalon competitors would do, we felt it appropriate to celebrate with cheese fries, greasy burgers, and soda at Training Table (and don’t you dare forget the Ultimate Dipping Sauce).  A Utah original!

Reading with Rush


Forever ago I made a little book for Rush with pictures of his family – both sides – so he could remember all his aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins, especially the ones who live far away.  He loves this book and carries it around everywhere.  And he actually sits still while I go through each picture!  Sitting still does NOT happen very often these days…

The Beard…


What IS it that guys like about facial hair??  I will never understand it.  I detest Jake’s beard and he knows it.  He started growing it last month for Scout Camp, and just wanted to keep it after that.  Luckily, we took family pictures last Friday so the beard had to go.  And I could not be happier.  He’s just so handsome without it!  And much less scratchy to kiss.  For reals.

This is Jake and me at a Matisyahu concert in Salt Lake City as part of the Twilight Concert Series.  It was a fun show, and now I know where ALL the hipsters in Utah hang out.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many 80’s outfits, super skinny jeans on guys, and grungy beards in one place in my entire life…

Eye candy


How sweet is this face?  I mean, seriously.

And here’s the obligatory “toddler eating spaghetti” picture that’s cute no matter what.

And the rest here are simply for your viewing pleasure.  The ones where Rush is mad/sad are generally because I won’t let him touch the camera.  Sometimes we all have to learn to deal with disappointment. 🙂

Splash park


There’s a splash park a few miles from our house and we checked it out for the first time last week with our friends down the street.  It’s such a cute little park and it’s free!  It was a little windy when we went and the water was cold, so Rush tried it out for a minute…

… and then decided it was time to eat crackers instead.  His friend Ethan is great at sharing.  These two are so cute together.

Rushton’s hair gets a little crazy when I rub sunscreen all over it.  He was blessed/cursed with super fair skin and reddish hair, so I try to be extra cautious when the sun beats down.  And don’t worry, we gave him his second haircut of all time pretty soon after this picture.

Everybody knows that when you’re at the playground, you need one cracker for each hand, especially while climbing stairs…

Baby feet


I’m loving Rushton’s little baby feet these days, and he’s loving his flip flops.  He has developed a little bit of an obsession with shoes lately – for himself and for others.  If he sees a pair of his shoes, he brings them to me to put them on.  And if he sees my shoes off, he insists that I put them back on.

Home sweet home


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but I LOVE WHERE WE LIVE.  I love the fields around our neighborhood, I love the parks everywhere, I love the people, I love our church, I love the school just up the street, I love everything about it!  I never want to leave.  Seriously.  And I want all my friends and family to move here, too.  (Ahem, that’s an official invitation to you and you and you.  And you, too.)

This is the view from the gas station down the road.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Like I said, I love it here.