It’s been awhile since we’ve gone up to visit Jake’s brother Ty and his wife Ashley, so we headed up to the top of Utah a few weekends ago and spent the night in their lovely little townhome.  All you parents out there – isn’t it amazing how many things you have to pack up for the littlest person in your car?  Pack-n-play, high chair, baby monitor, food that you KNOW he’ll eat, a few toys, etc. (or is that only true for your first child?)  Luckily Rush slept just fine in a new place, and didn’t mind that we kept his high chair on the floor.  What a champ.

And here is Jake and his bro, watching YouTube videos of other people playing video games…  Yes, this is really what they did for awhile.  (Reminds me of “People CHEERING cheerleaders??”  Ten points if you know the movie.)

We also got to visit my sweet cousin MaeLynn, and were lucky to see her whole family there! (her sister and parents)  Family is just plain awesome.

And on the way back home that weekend, we drove through Brigham City and “Fruit Tree Way” and picked up this entire box of zucchini for $2.  That’s just TWO DOLLARS.  Now, does anyone have any scrumptious zucchini recipes that I can try?

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