Splash park


There’s a splash park a few miles from our house and we checked it out for the first time last week with our friends down the street.  It’s such a cute little park and it’s free!  It was a little windy when we went and the water was cold, so Rush tried it out for a minute…

… and then decided it was time to eat crackers instead.  His friend Ethan is great at sharing.  These two are so cute together.

Rushton’s hair gets a little crazy when I rub sunscreen all over it.  He was blessed/cursed with super fair skin and reddish hair, so I try to be extra cautious when the sun beats down.  And don’t worry, we gave him his second haircut of all time pretty soon after this picture.

Everybody knows that when you’re at the playground, you need one cracker for each hand, especially while climbing stairs…

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