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Family photos in the field


Last month, my friend Nemiha at That’s Me Photography took some family pictures for us.  They turned out so great!  If you only want to look at a few, I won’t be offended, but I’m posting all of my favorites below.  Hurry over to her blog because she has a give-away this week that some very lucky duck will win!

And he speaks!


Just in the last week and a half, Rush has decided to start talking.  But only on his terms.  He says a few words when he wants to, and then just laughs at me the rest of the time I try to get him to say words.  His first REAL word was “hot” (he says it “ot”, but we’ll take it!) and his favorite word is “ball” (ba).  Other words he’s saying are apple (ap), inside/outside (side), mom, shoes, socks, bye, uh-oh, up, and Sophie.

Here a video – of real words and of nonsense.  Enjoy!

Rock Canyon Rock Climbing


Redundant, I think not… After going climbing with the scouts last week, I really wanted to go climbing again. So, I borrowed some gear from Nick Turner of Epic Adventure Gear and Ryan and Josh and I headed up to Rock Canyon to go climbing again.

I’ll be honest, I had a blast. It is super lame that picking up a new hobby always has to entail dropping around $500 just to get to get going. Going to start saving my pennies for some gear of my own… 😉

Apple picking

Today we went apple picking at a local orchard with the Winterton family.  Rush couldn’t wait to get started.

Or maybe I was the one who couldn’t wait…  (This was actually my impression of Rushton’s face whenever i tell him that we’re going to see Nora and Sophie.)

We had to dodge a few raindrops,

but that didn’t stop anyone from having a good time!

And now, please brace yourself for the CUTEST PICTURE EVER TAKEN!  Here’s Rush and his favorite girlies in the whole entire world (besides his Mama, of course).

Rushton and Sophie will be such a cute couple someday in 20 years or so. 🙂  This next picture was taken last year, picking apples in the same orchard.  Let the tradition continue!

** Special thanks to the Wintertons for most of these photos.**

Seattle wedding


A week ago I was able to go to my cousin’s wedding in Seattle.  My parents and one of my sisters also went (along with all of my mother’s siblings and spouses), so it was a blast to hang out with far-away family!  I left Rush “in the hands of his fully capable father” for the weekend (Jake’s specific words).  Besides going to the wedding and the related festivities, we did a few Seattle things like eating fish and chips at Ivar’s, hanging out at Pike Place Market, driving through the trees, and we even caught a glimpse of the Worldwide Sandsculpting Championship (it was in a parking lot next to our hotel…weird).

If I lived by Pike Place Market, I would probably go there every day for fresh food and flowers.  The rows and rows of dahlias were breathtaking and I couldn’t get over all the awesome (and inexpensive) produce!  Too bad my JUMBO avocado froze in the hotel refrigerator and was rotten by the time I got home.  Sad day for me.  But my giant honey crisp apple was enjoyed for 3 straight days!

Last but certainly not least, the wedding was a very special, sweet ceremony in the Seattle LDS temple.  I’m so happy for Austin and Rachael!  Thanks for inviting me. 🙂  The reception was GORGEOUS – totally out of a magazine, set in a beautiful back yard with tall trees and floating candles in the fountain.

Here’s to hoping Jake and I can take a family trip to Seattle someday…



If there’s one thing that gives me an anxiety attack, it’s jeeping.  I don’t know why, it probably has something to do with trucks sliding off muddy hills in Tijuana when I was a teen, but still.  I can hardly even stand the thought of letting Jake go, and especially me and Rush going with him.  But jeep we did, earlier this month on Labor Day.  And we didn’t die!  Imagine that.

We went up and over a ridge from Herriman to Tooele, and the scenery from the top was gorgeous.  We could see all the way down the Kennecott Copper Mine, Utah County, Salt Lake County, Tooele County…  It was amazing.  The picture doesn’t quite do it justice.

And Jake had originally parked our car on normal flat land, but once his buddies parked their cars in a “Jeep” fashion, Jake just HAD to get back in and drive it up a rock.  Boys will be boys…

A little late…


Last month Rushton turned 18 months.  That’s a YEAR AND A HALF!  I know they all say it, but it’s crazy how time flies.  At church, 18 months is the age where kids start Nursery – a sort of Sunday School/playtime – so the parents can actually attend Sunday School classes instead of roaming the halls with their busy toddler.  Some kids get sad to leave their parents for the 2 hours, but not Rush.  He saw the kids and toys and didn’t even look back at us.  This is the only picture I got of him that day (besides the video of the spilled juice that I posted a few weeks back).  It’s a pretty accurate representation of his MO these days… always running, even if he’s not looking:

At 18 months, he has 10 teeth, still loves crackers most (but is accepting a tiny bit more variety in his diet), babbles all the time, still loves his binki, loves other kids (big and small), runs a LOT, loves water/pools/baths/puddles, points, takes 2 naps (thankyouverymuch), and says “up” more than anything else.  Actually, “up” is the only word he intentionally says, but just in the last 2 days he has started repeating me correctly when I ask him to say something.  He’s getting closer to talking, and I’m sure he’ll be giving us discourses on proper parenting soon.

At his 18 month appointment, he weighed in at just under 23 lbs – he’s taller than average, skinnier than average, and has an average head size (it always seems strange to me that that’s one of the main “stats”, but ok. he still looks like a bobble-head to me 🙂  And Rush is such a champ when it comes to shots.  He has about 5-10 seconds of sad cry/scream after the needle sticks him, and after that he’s generally ok and smiling at the nurse again.  He’s seriously so laid back!

Rushton is seriously hilarious and keeps me very very very busy.  He gets into everything and can’t be trusted alone ANYWHERE.  But I love him to death and I wouldn’t want him any other way!