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Last month Rushton turned 18 months.  That’s a YEAR AND A HALF!  I know they all say it, but it’s crazy how time flies.  At church, 18 months is the age where kids start Nursery – a sort of Sunday School/playtime – so the parents can actually attend Sunday School classes instead of roaming the halls with their busy toddler.  Some kids get sad to leave their parents for the 2 hours, but not Rush.  He saw the kids and toys and didn’t even look back at us.  This is the only picture I got of him that day (besides the video of the spilled juice that I posted a few weeks back).  It’s a pretty accurate representation of his MO these days… always running, even if he’s not looking:

At 18 months, he has 10 teeth, still loves crackers most (but is accepting a tiny bit more variety in his diet), babbles all the time, still loves his binki, loves other kids (big and small), runs a LOT, loves water/pools/baths/puddles, points, takes 2 naps (thankyouverymuch), and says “up” more than anything else.  Actually, “up” is the only word he intentionally says, but just in the last 2 days he has started repeating me correctly when I ask him to say something.  He’s getting closer to talking, and I’m sure he’ll be giving us discourses on proper parenting soon.

At his 18 month appointment, he weighed in at just under 23 lbs – he’s taller than average, skinnier than average, and has an average head size (it always seems strange to me that that’s one of the main “stats”, but ok. he still looks like a bobble-head to me 🙂  And Rush is such a champ when it comes to shots.  He has about 5-10 seconds of sad cry/scream after the needle sticks him, and after that he’s generally ok and smiling at the nurse again.  He’s seriously so laid back!

Rushton is seriously hilarious and keeps me very very very busy.  He gets into everything and can’t be trusted alone ANYWHERE.  But I love him to death and I wouldn’t want him any other way!

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  1. Oh I love this post. He’s WAY too adorable! I have so much to look forward to with Zach .. he seems like he’s into everything like Rush. Love it!

    Miss you!!

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