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A way with words


Some people just have a way with words.  I definitely don’t, so I won’t say much here.  But I just wanted to give a little shout out to my very favorite blogger:  Courtney Kendrick (cjane).  She is incredibly honest, insightful, human, and most of her posts really speak to me.  At the risk of sounding totally cheesey (I know, I’m already too late for that), she’s so much more than just a blogger.  She’s a writer that seeks to understand and put to words the human experience, especially in the context of motherhood.  If you’re a mother (and even if you’re not), you should add hers to your list of regularly read blogs.

I especially loved her post today On Kindness.  So now you can forgive me for waxing a bit poetic, forget what I just said, and just head on over to her site to read today’s post.  Thanks for listening.

P.S.  I totally met cjane in person Saturday night at the Lower Lights concert – just went up and introduced myself in a very non-stalkerish way.  She was just as nice as I imagined her to be and her baby was very adorable.  And in other local celebrity sightings, I also ran into Kelsey Nixon at In-N-Out a few weeks ago.  Go Utah Valley!

If you’re in/around the greater Salt Lake area, do yourself a favor…


And go to the Red Iguana in downtown Salt Lake City.  Get yourself the Dos Burritos Ahogados – one chili verde burrito and one shredded beef burrito, both smothered in their DELECTABLE chili colorado sauce with cheese baked on top.  As a side note, you should ALWAYS get chili colorado when you go Mexican.  Your taste buds and your tummy will thank you.  I know mine did.  (But don’t fill yourself up on chips and salsa before your order comes out.  The salsa is much too spicy for my liking, and the chips are nothing to write home about.  But pretty much everything else there is to die for.)  This photo doesn’t totally do it justice, but seriously.  It was amazing.

And while you’re in the mindset of treating yourself to nice things, you should listen to (or even better, attend a show for) The Lower Lights.  Think: hymns that sound like the “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack.  (And don’t be scared off by “hymns” – the music is fun and beautiful and you’ll be totally in awe of these peoples’ talent.)  Go to their website or iTunes and see for yourself.  Below is a picture Jake took with his phone.  There were 14 people on the stage each singing AND playing instruments!  It was seriously a great show.

Jake and I did both of those things last night (Lower Lights show followed by dinner at Red Iguana) and it was a perfect date night.  Except for the snow storm that almost killed us.  (Jake would say that we were nowhere NEAR death the entire night, but still.  Snow is out to get me.)  Worthy of mentioning – Jake left the lights on in the car while we were at the concert so we had to get a jump in the dumping snow, and then he parked in a GIANT puddle at the restaurant.  Ahh, my night in shining armor… 🙂

In other news, all three of us are home sick today.  I think Rush gave us his cold, so today we’re moping around with sore throats, stuffy noses, and the desire to sleep the entire day away.  Sick parents + curious toddler making messes unsupervised = home in shambles.

P.S.  Sorry there were no pictures of us (I know everyone is  – there SHOULD have been, seeing as how a night out on the town without the kid is a very rare, momentous occasion.

A Hymn Revival - The Lower Lights

October has come and gone…


So I’m not one for blogging much lately, obviously.  Here’s a smattering of what we did in October…

We got rid of the binki.  I didn’t set out to take it away, but one day I noticed holes in every single one of his binkis, so that was it.  He was sad for like a day, and then he was totally over it.  Not at all traumatizing!

Took the bathroom stool and put it to good use.  He’s gonna get what he wants. (That was a shout-out to Jake’s bro – you know who you are!)

We’ll be spending many days at the Museum of Ancient Life (dino museum) this winter.  Rush loves the NASA section because of all the balls (they represent particles of light in the hands-on exhibits), all of the free and open walkways for him to run in, and the computers that he can totally play with all by himself.

So cute in his church clothes…

My favorite guys in orange…

My sweet Grandma Hanks turned 95! this month.  This is the 4-generation shot…

My little monkey was a monkey on Halloween.  We didn’t make it to any Halloween parties, and we didn’t really do any trick-or-treating, but he was sure cute for the 30 minutes he wore it!  (He hated it when we put it on him, but as soon as he saw himself in a mirror, he was in love.)

Rushton’s absolute FAVORITE shirt (thanks, Mom!):

And finally, here he is being very helpful:

He unwrapped a total of 11 rolls, and then proceeded to chuck them at me while I was putting on my make-up. (a very rare occasion – the make-up, not throwing things)