October has come and gone…


So I’m not one for blogging much lately, obviously.  Here’s a smattering of what we did in October…

We got rid of the binki.  I didn’t set out to take it away, but one day I noticed holes in every single one of his binkis, so that was it.  He was sad for like a day, and then he was totally over it.  Not at all traumatizing!

Took the bathroom stool and put it to good use.  He’s gonna get what he wants. (That was a shout-out to Jake’s bro – you know who you are!)

We’ll be spending many days at the Museum of Ancient Life (dino museum) this winter.  Rush loves the NASA section because of all the balls (they represent particles of light in the hands-on exhibits), all of the free and open walkways for him to run in, and the computers that he can totally play with all by himself.

So cute in his church clothes…

My favorite guys in orange…

My sweet Grandma Hanks turned 95! this month.  This is the 4-generation shot…

My little monkey was a monkey on Halloween.  We didn’t make it to any Halloween parties, and we didn’t really do any trick-or-treating, but he was sure cute for the 30 minutes he wore it!  (He hated it when we put it on him, but as soon as he saw himself in a mirror, he was in love.)

Rushton’s absolute FAVORITE shirt (thanks, Mom!):

And finally, here he is being very helpful:

He unwrapped a total of 11 rolls, and then proceeded to chuck them at me while I was putting on my make-up. (a very rare occasion – the make-up, not throwing things)

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  1. Oh what fun pictures! It looks like Rush is quite the handful… and I’m jealous you guys get to go to the museum all the time! Looks like loads of fun happen’n at your house. 😀

  2. Love what a little man he is. Way too cute. He has grown up so fast! I hate when kids get big. It’s the worst. I love that he gets into everything – he and Zach have a lot in common.

    Are you going to be in the area at all around Christmas time? I’d love to see you! No Costa Vida this time though .. okay Jake!? =o)

    Miss you!!

  3. I love the new rug under the coffee table! You’re a cute little house decorator! And I LOVE the pictures of Rush! Only wish you were in more of them 🙂 I love you! And I’m really excited to see you in a week!!!!!!!!

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