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Thanksgiving 2010


So… Thanksgiving was awesome.  We spent it in Arizona at my brother’s home with my ENTIRE family!  And since my sister already did such a great job blogging about it here, I’ll just direct you to her page, and then I’ll add my personal touches here (read: I’ll add more pics of my cute little boy here).

We almost cancelled the trip due to the Snowpocalypse that threatened to smother Utah that night.  But since Jake’s night class got cancelled, and since his stomach seemed to be holding itself together enough (he was struck with a wicked stomach flu that morning), we threw everything in the car and went anyways.  I drove as fast as I could, chasing clear skies and trying to get as far south as possible.  We stopped in Vegas that night and drove the rest of the way on Wednesday, FINALLY arriving Wednesday night.  But we’re so glad we braved the storm and the long drive and made it!

Rushton loved being around all of his cousins, but he definitely has a lot to learn about sharing…  There was a lot of squealing and sad face, but also a lot of pure bliss with all the toys at his disposal.

He loved riding bikes, (notice the backyard race track?  VERY cool)

putting the helmet on all by himself,


and all the balls and outside activities that sunny Arizona offers in November.  Speaking of which, my talented handsome husband Jake made a super-awesome rocket launcher for Scouts and brought it out to AZ.  It was a hit with the boys, both big and little:

We made Rushton this make-shift high-chair out of towels and a camping chair, all so that he could eat cheerios for Thanksgiving dinner.  All that delicious food and all he wants is cereal.  Go figure…

I was super helpful in the kitchen – my mom and sister Laura made three different attempts at the perfect meringue for their pies, and once they got it right, I accidentally stuck my hand in the pie.

Rush is very into shoes these days…

And I love this picture of him with the Mrs. Potato Head glasses on – very reminiscent of a picture of my sister Laura when she was about 3. 🙂

And in true Bain form, we ended the vacation with a family picture session.  We live all over the country (CA, AZ, UT, GA) so we always try to get a photo when EVERYONE is together, especially with our growing families.  This was the best group shot.  Not a bad looking bunch!

Training Table and Nickelmania


This happened way back in October, but my friend just send me these pictures a week ago, so now the event is much more blogworthy.  Jake’s long-time buddy Ryan had a birthday and to celebrate we went to Training Table (always delicious – a Utah original!) and then to Nickelmania!  And it was awesome.

Here’s our little family at the Training Table, where the cheese fries and Ultimate Dipping Sauce overfloweth.

At Nickelmania, Jake and Ryan and the other dudes played a bunch of shooting games for a LONG TIME 😉 so I tried to entertain Rushton with the younger-kid offerings.  His favorite was this basketball game – the balls were just sitting there and it didn’t take any tickets for him to just throw them in the box, so we spent most of our time there.  (I know it’s kind of blurry, but I love his expression!)

The rest of our time was spent sitting in those car arcade games where you can play with the steering wheel and gears.  Happy late birthday, Ryan – thanks for letting us party with you!

Shutterfly 2010 Giveaway


So Shutterfly is doing a cool giveaway for free Christmas photo cards if you do a write-up about some of your favorite products.  Here goes!

There are so many cute Christmas designs to choose from, but I think my favorite is With Love Chartreuse.  We’ve taken a few rounds of family photos this year, so I’m sure I can find plenty to fill this design with!  Or I can just fill them all with photos of Rush – there is definitely no lack of cute photos of him.

For a photo card design that features a single photo, I’d have to say my two favorite Shutterfly designs are Holiday Window and Red Revamped.   They go great with either full color photos or black and white.

The Christmas gift tags on their site are super cute, too.  (They’re in the Holiday Photo Card section.)

Shutterfly can also take care of your personalized family calendar.  My sister made one for each of us last year and I LOVE it.  I think she’s gearing up to do it again for 2011!  Make your own calendar here:

I’m excited to get my photo cards this year – last year we ran out of time and just ended up putting a picture and a message up on our blog instead of sending anything in the mail.  If you’re super lucky (and if I’m on the ball), you’ll get a super awesome Shutterfly card from us this year…

And if you want to get you’re own free photo cards from Shutterfly, go here to find out how!