Shutterfly 2010 Giveaway


So Shutterfly is doing a cool giveaway for free Christmas photo cards if you do a write-up about some of your favorite products.  Here goes!

There are so many cute Christmas designs to choose from, but I think my favorite is With Love Chartreuse.  We’ve taken a few rounds of family photos this year, so I’m sure I can find plenty to fill this design with!  Or I can just fill them all with photos of Rush – there is definitely no lack of cute photos of him.

For a photo card design that features a single photo, I’d have to say my two favorite Shutterfly designs are Holiday Window and Red Revamped.   They go great with either full color photos or black and white.

The Christmas gift tags on their site are super cute, too.  (They’re in the Holiday Photo Card section.)

Shutterfly can also take care of your personalized family calendar.  My sister made one for each of us last year and I LOVE it.  I think she’s gearing up to do it again for 2011!  Make your own calendar here:

I’m excited to get my photo cards this year – last year we ran out of time and just ended up putting a picture and a message up on our blog instead of sending anything in the mail.  If you’re super lucky (and if I’m on the ball), you’ll get a super awesome Shutterfly card from us this year…

And if you want to get you’re own free photo cards from Shutterfly, go here to find out how!

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  1. Yes! I’m glad you did this. Even after I went to all the trouble of writing my post, I still ended up buying cards from Costco. I’ve got to find someone who wants my coupon code…

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