Training Table and Nickelmania


This happened way back in October, but my friend just send me these pictures a week ago, so now the event is much more blogworthy.  Jake’s long-time buddy Ryan had a birthday and to celebrate we went to Training Table (always delicious – a Utah original!) and then to Nickelmania!  And it was awesome.

Here’s our little family at the Training Table, where the cheese fries and Ultimate Dipping Sauce overfloweth.

At Nickelmania, Jake and Ryan and the other dudes played a bunch of shooting games for a LONG TIME 😉 so I tried to entertain Rushton with the younger-kid offerings.  His favorite was this basketball game – the balls were just sitting there and it didn’t take any tickets for him to just throw them in the box, so we spent most of our time there.  (I know it’s kind of blurry, but I love his expression!)

The rest of our time was spent sitting in those car arcade games where you can play with the steering wheel and gears.  Happy late birthday, Ryan – thanks for letting us party with you!

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