Sorry if you feel like this blog is in a feast/famine cycle (as in, I post a bunch in one day, then I go a whole month without posting anything, then I post a bunch more one day, then nothing… etc.).  But it is what it is!

Rushton loves coloring these days.  If I even have a pen out to write a grocery list, he insists on getting his own paper and pen or crayons.  Most of our pictures look pretty much the same: basketballs, footballs, tennis balls, baseballs, and the occasional soccer ball (when I’m feeling artistically ambitious).  Even when we’re coloring in a coloring book, Rush could care less about the picture already on the page.  He just wants me to draw balls.

This picture is a perfect example of about every coloring page we do, as well as a perfect example of how Rush will NOT sit still for a picture.  As soon as he sees the camera, he just wants to get behind it and look at pictures that I’ve already taken.  Tons of my pictures these days are of him trying to get the camera from me.  Cute enough I guess, but soon we’ll have a new baby that will LOVE getting his/her picture taken! (or at least it won’t try to steal the camera from me for a few months)

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