December came and went…


My last post was about Thanksgiving, so I guess I’m due for another one.  December just kind of came and went.  We put up Christmas decorations, Rush took all the ornaments off of the tree within about 2 days, Rushton got quite sick for about a week (105.3 fever at its worst!), I got sick, Utah County stayed frozen solid for way too long (and still is), we celebrated Christmas in Salt Lake with the Spurlocks, and then we had a pretty low key but fun New Year’s Eve.  And Jake worked and Rush and I did our home thing most days, too.  After all of the traveling in November, I was glad to spend December mostly at home.  (Do I sound unexcited?  I don’t mean to, it was really a pretty therapeutic month – I really liked it.)

And here are some photos since I know that’s the best part of any blog!

Just because his face is so cute… (Can’t you hear him going “aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh”?)

My sad, sick little boy at the doctor’s office.  His cheeks and chin get so red with a fever. 🙁

Rush found the box of cornstarch I was using as baby powder for him, and he decided it looked better on his head/shirt/pants/floor than it did on his bum.

After several days of being cooped up in the house with a sick baby, we went out for a lunch date at the best little local pizza joint (Village Pizza in EM).  Rush very much enjoyed his Skittles and water with a straw.

“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…”

Jake’s parents took Rushton one night so that we could have a little break (mostly I needed a break from Rush) and we totally lived it up!  Our first activity?  I had a baby appointment and Jake got new front teeth – at LONG last.  It’s been 3 1/2 years since he lost his teeth in a boating/tubing accident and he’s been dealing with fake teeth ever since.  We celebrated his first meal with REAL fake teeth (implants) at Chili’s.  I was thoroughly unimpressed and overall disappointed with Chili’s, but it was nice to go out sans toddler.  The next day he went to work for a half day, I have no idea what I did, and then we went to the temple quickly before meeting Jake’s parents (and picking Rush up) at our sister-in-law’s sister’s wedding reception.  Rush looked sooooooo cute in his tie, don’t you think?!

Christmas morning at the Spurlock home – Rush loved the slinky from Dad.  I thought it would have been destroyed by lunchtime, but it’s surprisingly still in tact!

And what’s a Christmas blog post without a picture of the little one unwrapping a present?

And last, Rush being crazy for the camera.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  And I hope you all make it through January.  January is an entire month long worth of snowy Mondays.  Every year I wish and pray my very very hardest that there will be NO SNOW IN UTAH this winter.  Every year the snow comes anyways.  Guess you just can’t take the California out of the girl, eh?

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  1. He’s such a cute boy! He looks equally sad and cute in his sick picture. I’m glad that wedding tie is still a keeper!

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