Jake’s game face


Two things about this picture:

1.  I love Rummikub.  Friday night we had my cousin Heather and her husband Josh over for games and pie.  It was a blast for most of us, but poor Josh had about 30 tiles or more on his board before he could even start playing.  We ended up using almost every single tile that round, so we got a little crazy and put them all in order.  As you can tell, things get pretty wild at the Spurlock house after 8 p.m.

2.  Jake’s beard.  Ugh.  I’ve asked this before, but what IS IT with guys and beards????????  It is just an outward declaration of their manliness or is it more than that?  I understand the occasional weekend or vacation stubble, but I still can’t stand it.  I don’t want to look it, touch it, let alone kiss it.  Gross.  Thankfully, Jake finally shaved it off this morning after about a month of serious pleading from yours truly.  Good riddance!

And 3. (even though I said there were only 2), check out Jake’s new teeth!  Bet you’d never be able to tell they’re implants.  Handsome, no?

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  1. I would say it is kind of “Wow, where did that thing come from? Even better, I don’t have to do anything to have it.” After a little while it is no longer a novelty.

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