Keepsakes, sort of…


My good friend Mandy and I get together at least once a week.  It started out as playdates for our little boys, but I think now it’s more for us as much as it’s for them.  It’s nice to have a good friend so close with someone to entertain Rush, too!  Anyways, she invited us over one day to do handprints and footprints in salt dough.  They turned out super cute, but sadly, they ended up cracking.  So we tried again another day, and those cracked, too.  So, for posterity’s sake, this picture will just have to do.  Cute, huh?

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  1. Sad day! Can you mix the stuff with some sort of oil that will help keep it moist and not shatter? Maybe you can super glue it and it could work for now.

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