These boots…


I know, I know, I should schedule all these posts so that I’m only posting one a day for the next week instead of a million posts all in one night, but if I add one more step to the blogging process, I just might not do it at all!  So just take it for what it is, please?

One of Rushton’s favorite pastimes these days is putting on our shoes – both mine and Jake’s.  The best is when he tries to walk in boots or high tops, like so:

Seriously, never a dull moment with this kid around.  (And FYI, we’ll find out the gender of our next kid NEXT WEEK!  Your thoughts?)

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  1. Fun to see all of these pictures! And Rush is so cute. Thanks for sharing! By the way- love Jake’s new teeth and I totally understand about the beard. HATE IT!!!!! Ugh, why do they grow it?? Nastiness.

  2. So you got some Uggs huh? Even if they’re the fake version they’re still UGLY! (That end part wasn’t in my original plan but it works so well!) Anyway, I’m glad they keep your feet warm.

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