Working hard


I got a pretty early start to the day (darn the tiny pregnancy bladder that often wakes me up early morning instead of late night) so by 10 a.m., I decided I should start being productive (besides the usual feed and diaper the baby and clean the house routine).  I ironed some new curtains in my room, and to keep Rush busy and away from the iron, I set him on my bed with a brand new 36-pack of toilet paper rolls from Costco and let him have at it.  He was one happy little guy, unwrapping roll after roll after roll (just the blue outside wrapper), and then throwing every single one of them down the stairs.

(He wouldn’t stand still for a picture because as soon as I get the camera out nowadays, he goes “See! See!” and wants to look at the pictures I’ve taken.  And that’s why I seldom get a great photo of him these days!)

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